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The Minister for Planning gave the direction under section 9.1 of the Environmental Planning Assessment Act 1979 to form local planning panels, appointed by councils to determine certain development applications and to provide advice on planning proposals. This direction took effect from 1 March 2018.

The Panel is composed of a chairman, independent expert member and a community representative.

Local Planning Panels of councils are to determine development applications involving development of a kind specified in the Schedule.

Operational Procedures

  1. Conflict of Interest
    Development for which the applicant or land owner is:
    a. The Council
    b. A Councillor
    c. A member of council staff who is principally involved in the exercise of council’s functions under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979,
    d. A member of Parliament (either the Parliament of New South Wales or Parliament of the Commonwealth), or
    e. A relative (within the meaning of the Local Government Act 1993) of a person referred to in (b) or (d).
  2. Contentious Development
    Development that:
    a. In the case of the Council having an approved submissions policy – is the subject of the number of submissions set by the policy, or
    b. Strathfield Council has an approved Submission Policy requiring Development Applications which are subject to three (3) or more unresolved submissions to be referred to the Panel.
  3. Departure from Development Standards
    Development that contravenes a development standard imposed by a planning instrument by more than 10% or non-numerical development standards.
  4. Sensitive Development
    a. Designated development
    b. Development to which State Environmental Planning Policy No 65 – Design Quality of Residential Apartment Development applies
    c. Development involving the demolition of a heritage item
    d. Development for the purposes of new licenced premises
    e. Development for the purpose of sex services premises and restricted premises
    f. Development applications for which the developer has offered to enter into a planning agreement.

Meeting Times

Meetings of the SLPP will take place on the first Thursday of each calendar month.

The public forum meeting will generally commence at 8.00am-2.00pm in the Town Hall (Supper Room), 65 Homebush Road, Strathfield.

How to Register to Speak at the Public Meeting of the SLPP

Any person(s) who wishes to register to address the SLPP in respect of any particular item listed on the agenda of any particular meeting is required to complete an application form.

Agenda and Minutes

Agendas for meetings of the SLPP shall be finalised and uploaded to Council’s website a week prior to the meeting.

Deliberations of the Panel are carried out in closed session following the public meeting. The minutes of the SLPP will be available on Council’s website the day after the meeting.

To live stream the meeting, please click here.

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