Strathfield Council advertises all open Tenders and Expressions of Interest (EOI) on Council’s E-Tendering System Tenderlink.

Advertisements are also published on Council’s website in the Public Notice section.

Further information regarding the advertised tender should be forwarded to the contact person nominated in the Council advertisement.

Ethical Standards

Council is committed to ethical business conduct at all times and requires companies tendering to Council to do the same. Any anti-competitive behaviour or other practices that denies other participants legitimate business opportunities is unacceptable to Strathfield Council.

Strathfield Council follows these ethical principles:

  • Parties must conduct the tendering process with honesty and fairness at all levels
  • Parties must conform to all legal obligations
  • Parties must not submit tenders without a firm intention to proceed
  • Parties must not engage in any practice, including improper inducements, which gives one party an improper advantage over another
  • Tenderers must be prepared to attest to their probity and not to engage in any form of collusive practice
  • Conditions of tendering will be the same for each tenderer on any particular tender
  • Evaluation of tenders will be based on the conditions of tendering and selection criteria defined in the tender documents
  • Parties must not disclose confidential or proprietary information
  • Any party with a conflict of interest must declare that interest as soon as the conflict is known to that party.

Tender applicants are reminded that canvassing or lobbying of Councillors or Council staff, other than the Contact Person in relation to any aspect of the tender will automatically disqualify the Tenderer from the tender process.

Council’s Business Ethics Policy applies to the conduct of all contractors and suppliers of Strathfield Council.

Council’s tender process is in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993 and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005.