All pools in NSW must be registered in the NSW Swimming Pool Register. It is the pool owner’s responsibility to register their pool.

All new swimming pools require approval. If you want to build a swimming pool you must ensure that the pool is surrounded by a fence to restrict access to children in accordance with the Swimming Pool Act and AS1926.1-2012.

Pool owners are responsible for keeping fences in good repair and gates in good working condition. Owners must also ensure that doors and gates providing access to a swimming pool are kept securely closed at all times when not in use – Never “chock” a gate open.

Pool owners are also required to display an approved resuscitation poster in a prominent position in the immediate vicinity of the swimming pool. The sign gives a supervision warning and the details of resuscitation techniques.

These signs are available for purchase from Council’s Customer Service Centre and community organisations such as The Royal Life Saving Society and may also be obtained from pool shops and other outlets.

Spa pools are also covered by the legislation and should be separated by a child-resistant pool safety barrier in accordance with Australian Standard AS1926.1-2012.

Penalties apply if you do not comply with the prescribed requirements of the Act.

Purchasing or Selling a Property with a Pool

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