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Library Services

Location and Opening Hours
Strathfield Library Catalogue
Home Library Service
Inter-library Loans
Suggestions for New Items
Street Libraries
Book Clubs
Location and Opening Hours

65-67 Rochester Street, Homebush NSW 2140
Phone: 8762 0222
Fax: 8762 0299

Opening Hours:

In the interest of public health and safety, Strathfield Council Library and Innovation Hub is currently operating with reduced hours:

Monday: 9.30am – 4.30pm
Tuesday: 9.30am – 4.30pm
Wednesday: 9.30am – 4.30pm
Thursday: 9.30am – 8.00pm
Friday: 9.30am – 4.30pm
Saturday: 9.00am – 4.00pm
Sunday: Closed

Covid-19 restrictions apply to all visitors, including temperature checks, social distancing, checking in with an app and mandatory mask wearing.

Strathfield Library Catalogue

Library Catalogue

Members can order, borrow and renew books online via the Strathfield Library Catalogue

You can also download the Spydus Mobile App for your device through Google Play or the Apple App Store

If you have any further questions, please contact Strathfield Library on 8762 0222 or


eBooks and eAudiobooks

BorrowBox offers an excellent eBook and eAudiobook experience. Great for Australian titles and for their exclusive eAudiobook titles

Download BorrowBox app for your device through Google Play or the Apple App Store.

OverDrive eLibrary 24/7 offers a wide range of international eBook and eAudiobook titles including Chinese collection.

Download Libby app for your device through Google Play or the Apple App Store


RBDigital offers up to 3500 popular titles worldwide. Available in various languages, including Chinese, Korean, Italian, French, & more.

Read on your computer or use the RBdigital app for your device from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Kindle Fire

Contact the library on 8762 0222 if you need further assistance with downloading titles.


Online databases

Strathfield Library members are provided with access to selected online databases from the library and/or from their homes.

To connect to databases, please click on database name and enter your Strathfield Library barcode number.

Strathfield Library members are able to access selected online databases from the library and/or from their homes.

To connect to databases, please click on database name and enter your Strathfield Library barcode number.


Library Membership

  • Anyone is welcome to join Strathfield Council Library. Children under 15 must have parental or guardian authorisation to join.
  • Members can borrow a maximum of 30 items for 3 weeks
  • Items may be renewed twice excluding items with reservations
  • 10 reservations
  • Email or SMS notification
  • Public computer and online resource access

Membership Responsibilities

  • Take care of all library items
  • Return or renew all items on or before the due date
  • Pay for any overdue fees
  • Ensure that no one else uses your card
  • Notify the library of any change to contact details
  • Notify the library promptly if your card is lost
  • Behave in an appropriate manner when in the library
  • Pay for any lost, stolen or damaged items that have been borrowed on your card
  • Comply with Strathfield Council’s Library User Code of Conduct
Click here to register for a Strathfield Library Membership
Home Library Service

Strathfield Library provides a free Home Library Service to residents who are unable to visit the Library due to disability or lack of mobility.

Items are selected by library staff to meet the need or requests of each member and are delivered directly to their home or nursing home on a monthly basis

Self-Select Home Delivery

Residents who are not housebound but who may experience difficulty carrying library items can join the self-select service and have them delivered.

Members of the self-select service can come into the library, select items to borrow and then leave them at the desk. Library staff will deliver them to the resident on scheduled delivery days and collect any items for return.


Home Library Services are available to people living in the Strathfield Local Government area who are temporarily or permanently housebound due to:

  • Age
  • Illness or injury
  • Physical or sensory impairment
  • Carer responsibilities
  • Living in a care facility

Applicants may be required to provide a letter from their doctor or health care professional.

For further information please contact Strathfield Library on 8762 0222.

Inter-library Loans

If Strathfield Library does not hold an item you require, the library can attempt to borrow the item from other public libraries via the Interlibrary Loans Service. Most printed material can be obtained on an inter-library loan, however each lending library has its own policy regarding the lending of certain material.

Reference and Local Studies material may be limited to in library use only.


Please refer to Council’s Fees and Charges.

Additional fees                 

  • Additional fees vary depending on each request
  • Additional charges apply for rare or hard to find items.
  • Urgent requests can be arranged at an additional cost.
  • Please state on your request if you are willing to pay fees levied by other libraries.

Delivery times

Delivery times will vary depending on the availability of the item. Every effort is made to obtain the material in as short a period as possible.

Strathfield Library will contact you when the item arrives and is ready for collection.

You will be notified if the library has been unable to fulfill your request.

For further information please contact the Inter-Library Loans Officer on 8762 0222.

Suggestions for New Items

Strathfield Library encourages suggestions from library patrons for items they would like to be a part of the library collection.

To make a suggestion, visit the library catalogue, select the ‘Suggest a Purchase’ tab and complete the form.

Suggestions or requests that are not selected for purchase may be requested through the inter-library loan service, fees apply.

Street Libraries

Street libraries are a trend in Australia that many people in the Strathfield community have been benefiting from. These street libraries allow for people to come and take a book without checking them in or out and then return it after it has been read. They are a way for the community to share their interests and knowledge with other residents of all ages and backgrounds.

To use these street libraries, all you have to do is visit one at one of our 8 street libraries and take a book to enjoy and simply return it to the street library when you are done!

Here are our 8 locations:

  • Therry Street Library – 23 Therry Street East, Strathfield South
  • The Dutton Centre – 40 Augusta Street, Strathfield
  • Chalmers Road School – 23 Chalmers Road, Strathfield
  • Albert Road Street Library – 150 Albert Road, Strathfield
  • Laker Reserve Street Library – Elva Street, Strathfield (Corner of Elva Street and Beresford Road)
  • Strathfield Community Centre Street Library – 1B Bates Street, Homebush
  • ‘Ocean Life’ – Active Kids Homebush, 40 Hornsey Road, Homebush West
  • Papilio ELC Library – 11-13 George Street, North Strathfield

However, if you would like to find other street libraries or learn more about them visit their website.

Book Clubs

Strathfield Library has three Book Clubs:

Thursday Book Club  – 1st Thursday of the month at 10.30am

Friday Book Club – 4th Friday of the month at 10am

Book Clubs are for Library members 18 years and over. Selected material and discussion may contain mature content.

How Book Clubs work

  • Each year, members of reading groups make suggestions for the following years reading list.
  • Each month the Library provides members of the groups with a copy of the nominated book to be discussed.
  • Each month the group meets to discuss that months’ book.
  • List of discussion questions are supplied for the group.

Members of Strathfield Library can register their interest in joining the groups by contacting the library on 8762 0222 or

Contact Us


02 8762 0222


Borrow and Return Items 24/7 in an Innovative Way

To help increase accessibility and convenience for the community Library members can request items online via the library catalogue or from Strathfield Library.

When reservations are placed, the items can be collected from the Book Locker 24/7.  You will be notified via SMS when they are available and by using a QR CODE or PIN you will have 72 HOURS to collect your items. When it is time to return the library items, there will be return facilities at the lockers or they may be returned to the Strathfield Library directly.

Currently located at:

  • Strathfield Library and Innovation Hub – 65 Rochester Street, Homebush
  • High Street Community Centre – 64 High Street, Strathfield

Watch this handy video to learn how to use the Book Lockers step-by-step!

Watch the video in Chinese or Korean.