We’re excited to bring you Strathfield Eats!

Strathfield is a major transit hub for commuters and a food haven for foodies. Bustling with a variety of shops and restaurants, it’s the place to be when you’re hungry and heading for a late night out.

In our first season, the spotlight is on Strathfield’s massive food scene – one of Sydney’s largest meccas for Korean food. Sydneysiders Nick and Helmi, food bloggers and seasoned travellers, bring their experience and expertise to the table. They’ve dropped by Strathfield and we’ve welcomed them to show us some of their favourite and highly recommended hotspots for delicious delights.

First stop – Korean food!

Check out their food adventure on YouTube:

Explore Korean food in Strathfield!

Coming soon – Discover eateries in Homebush and Homebush West!