Strathfield Council plays an important role in food regulation and promoting safe food handling practices. Council regularly inspect premises where food is served in the Strathfield Local Government Area (other than those premises licensed by the NSW Food Authority).

The role of Council includes:

  • Conducting regular inspection of food premises
  • Conducting food and hygiene seminars
  • Following up complaints from members of the public

The random unannounced inspections by Council officers are designed to assess compliance with the Food Act and (national) Food Safety standards, including the following aspects:

  • Ensuring that food is being handled and produced hygienically and will be safe to eat
  • Minimising the potential risk for food poisoning
  • Ensuring that business operators and food handlers have appropriate skills and knowledge in food safety and food hygiene
  • Assessing the condition and cleanliness of premises, equipment and appliances

Strathfield Council Environmental Health Officers use the Australian Food Safety Assessment Tool for food premises inspections, which is produced by the Australian Institute of Environmental Health, Australia’s peak professional body for Environmental Health.  The tool is used by many Councils across Australia, and helps ensure consistency in assessment.