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How can I report a food safety concern in relation to a food business?

If you have a food safety concern to report or you have observed unsatisfactory food handling practices at a food business, you should contact Council on 9748 9999.

When reporting to Council, you should include the name of the business, the address of the business, the date and time that you purchased the food or were at the premises, what you purchased and what you observed. It is recommended that you provide your name and contact details in order for the Environmental Health Officer to be able to contact you to seek any necessary further information to carry out the investigation.

The Environmental Health Officer will carry out an inspection of the business and interview the proprietor of the business. Action may be taken based on the Officer’s investigation.

You will be informed when the Officer has received your report and has finalised the investigation.

How can I find out if fines have been issued to a food shop in Strathfield?

The NSW Food Authority publish the details of Penalty Infringement Notices issued under the Food Act 2003 by both Council and the NSW Food Authority. Penalty Notices issued as a result of food safety breaches are published, if they fall within the public interest.

If food premises are prosecuted successfully in Court these are also published in accordance with s.137 of the Food Act 2003 on the NSW Food Authority’s website.

The Name and Shame list can be accessed via the NSW Food Authority site.