Council is continuing to monitor the evolving situation with COVID-19. Please see our dedicated webpage for up-to-date information on Council services and advice.

Council sports fields are open.

Council Sports Fields

The Federal and NSW Governments have implemented restrictions in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the Orders, Council is in a position to allow the hiring of Council’s public reserves, parks, sports ground as long as users comply with restrictions in relation to group sizes, social distancing and space requirements.

Sporting groups will be required to produce evidence of their compliance with the NSW Public Health Orders, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Sporting Commission, NSW Sport and NSW Government guidelines. School groups must also comply with the Sports in Schools information released by the Department of Education.

Sporting organisations will be invited to apply for use of Council controlled sports fields on the basis that appropriate COVID safe measures are put in place as approved by their relevant umbrella association and guidelines issued by the bodies mentioned above.

Public toilets will reopen in Council parks and reserves.

Applications and enquiries can be referred to Council’s Bookings Facility Team via 9748 9999 or

Users of Parks, Reserves and Sportsfields must keep informed of Covid-19 restrictions and requirements to keep safe

All open space users must keep themselves informed of any changes to Public Health Orders and/or protocols to ensure their activities are compliant. Organised training users must also consult with their respective peak bodies to ensure their practices are in accordance with approved protocols.

Anyone using Council’s public reserves, parks and sports grounds does so knowing and accepting that that there may be an increased risk of exposure to communicable viruses (such as COVID-19 and influenza) from participating in any activities with other people. While particular protocols, equipment, and personal hygiene may reduce these risks; the risks of serious injury and illness do still exist and Council will not be liable or responsible for such exposure.

Individual users, organisations, and/or clubs assume full responsibility for the running of, participation in and/or use of any public reserves, parks and sports grounds. Organisations and clubs should seek professional advice and obtain adequate insurance to cover all risks associated with their activities.

Council continues to monitor changes made by the NSW government on COVID-19 restrictions and further updates on our public reserves, parks and sports grounds will be provided.

Current COVID-19 Restrictions

From Friday 23 October 2020, 30 people can gather outdoors in public spaces (increased from 20). For community sporting activities that involve more than 30 participants, the organiser must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan for community sporting competitions and full training activities.

The maximum number of participants at a community sporting activity must not exceed 500 participants. Participants include players, people who are training, officials and spectators. You can see the latest public health orders via the NSW Health Website.

Parks and Sportsground Hire

Parks and sporting fields are available on a seasonal and casual basis for hire to schools, clubs, community groups and the general public for recreational purposes.

Seasonal users will be directly invited by Council to apply for use prior to the winter and summer seasons.

For booking and inquiries contact Council’s Booking Officer on 9748 9965.

LocationWinter SeasonSummer Season
Strathfield Park
Homebush Road Strathfield
1 synthetic filed
3 Soccer Fields (lights available)
2 Basketball/Netball Courts (all-weather hard courts)
2 Netball Court/2 Volleyball Courts (grass courts)
1 Synthetic Field
3 Cricket wickets (synthetic)
2 Basketball/Netball Courts (all-weather)
Airey Park
Bates Street Homebush
1 Rugby/League FieldCricket practice wickets (5)
Cricket oval (turf wicket)
Mason Park
Underwood Road Homebush
3 Soccer Fields (lights available)
1 Synthetic Field
6/7 Touch Football Oz Tag Fields (lights available)
2 cricket wickets
1 Synthetic Field
6/7 Touch Football Oz Tag Fields (lights available)
Cooke Park
Madeline Street Belfield
3 Soccer Field's lights available)1 Cricket Wicket (synthetic)
Begnell Field
Madeline Street Belfield
1 Rugby Leagues Field
2 Touch Football Field (no lighting) – Weekdays only
1 Football Field
2 Touch Football Field (no lighting)
Hudson Oval
Arthur St Strathfield
1 Rugby Field (Limited times on weekdays and Sundays only)1 Cricket Wicket (turf) – Sunday only.
Bark Huts Reserve
Elliot Street, Belfield
2 Soccer Fields (lights available)
4 Touch Fields (lights available)
1 Basketball/Netball Court (all-weather hard court)
1 Cricket Ground (turf)
4 Touch Fields (lights available)
1 Basketball/Netball Court (all-weather)
Bressington Park
3 Soccer Fields5 Cricket wickets
Requirements for Approved Use
Casual Hire
Social Gatherings
Financial Assistance for Not-For-Profit Local Community Sporting Clubs for 2020 Winter Season
Further Information
Requirements for Approved Use
  1. Council approval including payment of applicable fees and charges is required for organised sports and recreational events held in Council’s parks and sports grounds.
  2. Additional approvals may be required for use of a building or erection of temporary structures such as marques and banners, parking plans, first aid planning, placing of waste containers or portable toilets and use of equipment producing heat, sound or light eg public address systems, speakers or lighting at night functions.
  3. Clubs and organisations are required to provide evidence of current public liability insurance.
  4. Hirers are responsible for checking that the facility is safe and appropriate to use prior to each use for the particular activity.
  5. Use of Amusement Devices requires separate approval.
  6. Regarding applications for seasonal hire, Council assesses the applications and allocates facilities based on meeting specific criteria, including whether teams are local, whether applications meet available times, previous history of applicant, and the application is consistent with Council’s strategic and operational plans.
Casual Hire

Strathfield Council has dedicated areas suitable for casual hire for social/recreational activities such as social gatherings, BBQs and picnics.  The areas which are available for casual hire include:

Social Gatherings

Council advises that groups should book social/recreational areas if they wish to secure the use of the park or facility on a particular date or time.  Council can not guarantee that the social/recreational area or park will be available unless a booking has been made.  Please contact Council on 9748 9999 (business hours and after hours) should a conflict in use of facility arise.

While you are not required to contact Council or seek permission for using parks for informal recreation involving less than 50 people, if you are planning an event of less than 50 people and want to ensure the facility is available to your group, Council’s advises you to make a booking.


These events require Council approval:

  • meetings/gatherings or religious services involving 50 or more people
  • wedding ceremonies and parties
  • corporate promotions, product sales and charity collections.

Events of a social or recreational nature may also involve use of a building or erection of temporary structures for public entertainment such as marques and banners, operating amusement devices including merry-go-rounds and jumping castles, placing of waste containers or portable toilets and use of equipment producing heat, sound or light e.g. public address systems, speakers or lighting at night functions.


Hire costs are determined by Council’s Fees and Charges. Typical costs of hire of sportsgrounds include:

  • Recreation Fee (this is based on the number of participants)
  • Bonds – manage your own waste (refundable)
  • Toilet – Bond for key (refundable)
  • Additional costs may be incurred for use of lights, marquees or amusement devices.
Financial Assistance for Not-For-Profit Local Community Sporting Clubs for 2020 Winter Season

Council offers financial assistance to COVID-19 impacted local sporting clubs that hire its sporting grounds in the current 2020 winter season and meet the following criteria:

  1. Are not-for-profit sports clubs local to the Strathfield LGA; and
  2. Have greater than 75% of registered players or members who are bona fide locals to Strathfield; and
  3. Can demonstrate financial hardship due to a loss of income caused by COVID-19 (see form for loss of income criteria).
  4. Where the Club accepts an offer of a discount from the Council, the Club agrees to acknowledge the Council’s financial assistance on their website and social media pages.
  5. Any other relevant probative matters for consideration.
Financial Assistance for Not-For-Profit Local Clubs
Further Information

Contact Council’s Customer Service on 9748 9999.