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Council and Committee Meetings are held on a regular basis at Strathfield Council.

Council Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month (excluding January), 6:30pm, Council Chambers, 65 Homebush Road, Strathfield

Code of Meeting practice
Open Forum
Who can speak at Council meetings?
Are there restrictions on what I can speak about?
Conduct of the Meeting
Business papers
Congratulatory Letters
Code of Meeting practice

The elected councillors meet at Council Meetings and Committee Meetings in accordance with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice.

Under section 360(2) of the Local Government Act Council may establish a Code of Meeting Practice.  The Code must incorporate meeting procedures set out in the Local Government Act 1993 and Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 and can incorporate local provisions.  However, in adopting local provisions, the Code must be consistent with the relevant legislative provisions.  Council and Committee meetings must operate in accordance with the adopted Code of Meeting Practice.

Open Forum

Council conducts an Open Forum session during Council Meetings which is limited to fifteen (15) minutes. A person or persons may address Council on matters not on the agenda of the meeting. Speakers can request to speak by completing the ‘Request to Address Council or Committee Meetings’ form or make a request to speak during the Open Forum session.

Speakers are limited to five minutes.  Speakers can speak on matters other than those listed on the evening’s business papers, those matters being actioned under Council’s complaints handling mechanisms, in dispute or under investigation or a Code of Conduct complaint or investigation.

Who can speak at Council meetings?

Members of the public may attend Council and Committee Meetings and may speak on matters, such as those in general business on the agenda of the meeting.

To speak at a meeting please complete the Request to Address Council Meeting form. Requests to address a meeting must be submitted in writing by 4.00pm on the day of the meeting to the General Manager. Speakers are limited to five minutes and must provide their name and address to the meeting. Speakers are not permitted to ask questions of Councillors or staff.

Are there restrictions on what I can speak about?

Speakers are limited to a maximum of four (4) on an item and speak on an alternative basis eg commencing with a speaker for, then a speaker against. Additional speakers may be permitted by decision of the Council meeting.

Speakers have a time limit of 5 minutes each and can only speak once in the course of the meeting. Members of the public address Council prior to debate by Councillors.

On occasion, a council or committee meeting may be closed to the public when matters listed in Section 14.1 of the Code are discussed. This can include legal advices, matters relating to commercial information or trade secret, or personnel hardship of a resident. Section 14.9 may allow representations by members of the public prior to the meeting closing to the public.

Council webcasts and records proceedings at Council and Committee meetings, which includes speeches of members of the public. The purpose of recording the meeting is to assist in preparation of meetings minutes, which is the official record of Council and Committee Meetings.  It is prohibited to privately record, by visual and audio recording devices, Council or Committee meetings without permission of the Council.

Conduct of the Meeting

All participants at Council meetings including Councillors, Council staff and members of the public are expected not to make personal comments concerning Councillors, staff or other members of the public or engage in disorderly conduct at a meeting. Acts of disorder are outlined in Section 15.12 of the Code. Penalties for disorder may include rescinding speaking rights or expulsion from the meeting.

These guidelines relate to Council’s Code of Meeting Practice. The Code is made under Local Government Act 1993 and Local Government Regulations. The Code is also available to view at Council’s Customer Service Centre.

Business papers

Business papers, minutes and agendas are available below for 2020 meetings, with past meetings available at the bottom link.

Council Meetings are open to the public, except for discussion of legal, staff or other confidential matters

Before each Council or Committee meeting, a Business Paper is prepared detailing the items that are to be presented to the meeting.  Business papers include an agenda (list of items to be considered at the meeting), reports (details of items to be considered by Council) and minutes (details of decisions made at previous Council and Committee meetings).

Readers should be aware that the Recommendations as set out in the Business Papers are simply proposals to the Council for its consideration. The Council may adopt these proposals, amend the proposals, determine a completely different course of action, or it may decline to pursue any course of action. The decision of the Council becomes a resolution of the Council and is recorded in the Minutes.

Ordinary meetings of Council are held on the first Tuesday of the month, except during January and July. Business papers for the Council meetings are published on the Council website on the Thursday prior to the Tuesday meeting. Copies may be viewed on a computer at Council’s libraries and copies of the report will be printed upon request.

Minutes of the Council Meetings are placed on Council’s website within five working days of the meeting. For further information on Council and Committee meeting agendas, minutes or business papers please contact Council’s Governance department on 9748 9999.

Congratulatory Letters

Strathfield Council offers a range of congratulatory messages from Council to residents who are celebrating significant milestones in their lives.

Some examples where residents may be eligible for a congratulatory message include:

  • 90 or 100th birthdays or any birthday after turning 90
  • 50 or 60th wedding anniversaries or any anniversary after 50
  • being nominated for a significant community award
  • winning a significant community award

To nominate a community member for a congratulatory message from the Mayor please complete and send in the form below.

Council also offers letters of condolence to those who have recently been diagnosed with a serious illness or have passed away. For more information contact Council on 9748 9999 email

Australians can also apply for messages from the Prime Minister, Governor General and the Queen. To do this, you must contact the local Federal Member or any office of any Senator. More information about this can be found here.

Congratulatory Letter Application

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Traffic Committee Meeting Dates

The Traffic Committee meets monthly to review changes requested and required to traffic conditions in the Strathfield LGA. The Committee is comprised of representatives of from NSW Police, RMS, Sydney Transport and Strathfield Council.

Residents and interested parties can request to address the Committee by completing the application form and returning to Council.

2021 Traffic Committee Meeting dates are as follows:

16 February 202111:00am - 12:30pmMicrosoft Team Meeting
16 March 202111:00am - 12:30pmMicrosoft Team Meeting
20 April 202111:00am - 12:30pmMicrosoft Team Meeting
18 May 202111:00am - 12:30pmMicrosoft Team Meeting
15 June 202111:00am - 12:30pmMicrosoft Team Meeting
20 July 202111:00am - 12:30pmMicrosoft Team Meeting
17 August 202111:00am - 12:30pmMicrosoft Team Meeting
21 September 202111:00am - 12:30pmMicrosoft Team Meeting
19 October 202111:00am - 12:30pmMicrosoft Team Meeting
16 November 202111:00am - 12:30pmMicrosoft Team Meeting
21 December 202111:00am - 12:30pmMicrosoft Team Meeting