Safety notice
Public playgrounds and outdoor fitness areas are open for use in line with public health orders.

We’re cleaning these facilities regularly. We recommend you wash your hands and wipe down the equipment before and after you use it.

Stay 1.5m away from others at all times and don’t use the equipment if you have any symptoms.

The use of Council’s Public Reserves and Parks (outside of sports fields)

Personal Trainers require a Council license to operate on Council controlled land.

Social and recreation gatherings of up to 10 people are permitted, whilst keeping a social distance of 1.5m between people.

Playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment and dog parks are open for informal activities. Correct hygiene must be observed, including washing hands.

For further information, please contact Council’s Bookings Facility Team 9748 9955 or email council@strahfield.nsw.gov.au

Covid-19 Restrictions and Requirements to Keep Safe

All open space users must keep themselves informed of any changes to Public Health Orders and/or protocols to ensure their activities are compliant.

Organised training users must also consult with their respective peak bodies to ensure their practices are in accordance with approved protocols.

Anyone using Council’s public reserves, parks and sports grounds does so knowing and accepting that that there may be an increased risk of exposure to communicable viruses (such as COVID-19 and influenza) from participating in any activities with other people. While particular protocols, equipment, and personal hygiene may reduce these risks; the risks of serious injury and illness do still exist and Council will not be liable or responsible for such exposure.

Individual users, organisations, and/or clubs assume full responsibility for the running of, participation in and/or use of any public reserves, parks and sports grounds. Organisations and clubs should seek professional advice and obtain adequate insurance to cover all risks associated with their activities.

Council continues to monitor changes made by the NSW government on COVID-19 restrictions and further updates on our public reserves, parks and sports grounds will be provided.


Strathfield Council has 26 playgrounds located in parks and reserves throughout the Strathfield Municipality. These playgrounds are designed for many different age groups, and each playground provides a different range of activities for its users. Improvements and maintenance aim to ensure that playgrounds meet a diverse range of current and future community needs including specific age groups and people with disabilities.

Strathfield’s playgrounds provide both physical and intellectual activities encouraging children to learn and grow developing their minds and bodies in a safe and fun environment.

Current activities and objectives for playgrounds include:

  • To make Councils playgrounds more exciting and innovative
  • To cater for a wider age group
  • To provide activities for teenagers and youth
  • Provide a wider range of activities and experiences
  • To continue improve safety and lower risk
Airey ParkThe Crescent, Homebush
Augustus Loftus Reserve29/30 Loftus Crescent, Homebush
Austin ParkMarlborough Road & The Crescent, Homebush
Bark Huts ReserveElliott Street, Belfield
Boden ReservePemberton Street, Homebush
Bressington ParkUnderwood Road, Homebush
Centenary PlaygroundAlviston Street, Strathfield
Cooke ParkMadeline Street, Strathfield South
Coronation ReserveCoronation Parade, Strathfield South
Dean ReserveDean St, Strathfield South
Drew St PlaygroundDrew St, Greenacre
Edwards ParkMacarthur Avenue, Strathfield
Fitzgerald ParkBroughton Road, Strathfield
Ford ParkJames Street, Strathfield South
Freshwater ParkAda Avenue, Strathfield
Henley ReserveHenley Road, Homebush
Inveresk ParkBeresford Rd & Dickson Street, Strathfield
Ismay ReserveAllen Street, Homebush
Marlene ReserveMarlene Crescent, Greenacre
Mason ParkUnderwood Road, Homebush
Melville ReserveHampstead Road, Homebush
Pilgrim ParkArthur Street, Homebush
St Annes ReserveTherry Street, Strathfield South
Strathfield ParkHomebush Road, Strathfield
Chalmers Road, Strathfield (Disabled Access Playground)
Tavistock ReserveEastbourne Road, Homebush West
Wentworth ReserveWentworth Road, Homebush