Councils are required under the Local Government Act 1993 to classify all land owned or managed by Council, including Crown Land, as community or operational land.  The majority of land managed by Council is community land, which is dedicated for community uses such as parks, natural areas and sportsgrounds.

All community land must be managed in accordance with a Plan of Management. Plans of Management identify land use categories, the important features of the land and any buildings or improvements, outline how Council will manage the land and specify how the land and any buildings may be used or developed (including leasing and licensing).

Council has been undertaking review and preparation of revised or new plans of management over 2020-2021 including new Crown Land Plans of Management.  Current and previous consultations and public exhibitions of draft plans can be found in the Have Your Say section of this website

At the bottom of this page, you can find Council’s adopted plans of management.

Access to Plans of Management

There are a number of ways Council’s Plans of Management can be viewed:

For further information please contact Council on 9748 9999.