Council’s Customer Service advisers handle all monetary transactions and service requests and can answer most queries immediately, or will refer you to the appropriate area for further information.

How You Can Help Us

You can help us meet these commitments by:

  • Dealing with us honestly
  • By providing accurate and complete details with any queries
  • By phoning to make an appointment if you have a complex enquiry or need to see a specific officer
  • Letting us know when you are particularly happy with our services
  • Telling us how we can improve our services

Measuring and Monitoring our Performance

The Customer Service team follow the Council Service Standards and the Customer Service Charter.

We will continuously monitor our performance against Council’s Service Standards.

We will also monitor the number and nature of customer complaints and other customer feedback to see where and how our services need to be improved.

The Council aims to continually improve its service delivery and values feedback from customers on how services can be improved. Customers dealing with Council can expect staff to be open to new ideas on customer service and act on it where appropriate. We are committed to enhancing the knowledge of staff and developing technology to improve the standard of services provided to our customers.


Please see information on submitting a complaint, and how Council responds here.