Exhibition of Draft amendments to Strathfield Community Participation Plan and General Housekeeping amendments to Strathfield Consolidated DCP 2005 and all site specific DCP’s.

Council at its meeting on 4 August 2020 resolved to amend the Strathfield Community Participation Plan and Strathfield Consolidated Development Control Plan 2005 (SCDCP 2005). 

The amendment proposes to amend the Community Participation Plan to ensure it reflects the recent changes in legislation.  It also reviews the notification period and criteria, looking at ways of reducing red-tape for certain development types of little or no environmental impact and help stimulate the economy.

Amendment No.11 to the Strathfield CDCP 20052 proposes to remove the reference to DCP Part L – Notifications, which has since been repealed with the introduction of the Community Participation Plan, in addition to the general housekeeping amendments to incorporate references to relative parts of SCDCP 2005.

In summary, the following documents will be amended;

  1. Strathfield Consolidated DCP 2005 – General Introduction
  2. DCP 13 – Strathfield Town Centre
  3. DCP 14 – Part Lot 1 and Lot 2 DP 711168, Davidson Street, Greenacre
  4. DCP 20 – Parramatta Road, Corridor Area
  5. DCP 25 – 79 Courallie Avenue, Homebush West
  6. DCP 26 – 2-6 Pilgrim Avenue and 9-13 Albert Road, Strathfield
  7. Strathfield Community Participation Plan

The Community Participation Plan, SCDCP 2005 (Draft Amendment No.11) and all site specific DCP’s will be on public exhibition from Tuesday 11th August 2020 to Wednesday 9th September 2020.  The exhibition material will be displayed:

Making a submission

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Should you have questions regarding the amendments to any of these documents, please contact Council’s Specialist Strategic Planner, George Andonoski on 9748 9660.

Update 19 October 2020

Council adopted the draft documents at their meeting on 6 October 2020. The final documents can be viewed on the Planning Policy webpage.

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Key Dates

  • Exhibition start date: Tuesday 11 August 2020
  • Exhibition end date: Wednesday 9 September 2020

Contact Details

Should you have questions regarding the amendments to any of these documents, please contact:

Council’s Specialist Strategic Planner

George Andonoski

PH: 9748 9660