Public Art – EOI – Three Bridges

Strathfield Council is calling for Expressions of Interest for public art to be installed as part of a Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Plan project (PRUAIP).

The intention is to commission lighting public artworks on the three bridges that can add an aesthetic and interesting medium in keeping with the themes of local history, community and environment relating to the Strathfield LGA. Consideration must be taken of the artwork’s presence by both day and night. The commission will be awarded to one artist/artist team to deliver three lighting public artworks across three locations, Lorraine Street Bridge, Hamilton Street Bridge and George Street Bridge. The artwork should:

  • Provide a visual focal point for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Visually communicate and honour the local history, community and environment of the site.
  • Provide a unique sense of place.
  • Be contemporary in nature, innovative and create a unique aesthetic signature to the
    surrounding area.

The long-term success of the artwork rests on its ability to creatively interpret the identity of its
place and people and the integration of the artwork within its site

The artwork for the bridges will align to the themes:

  • Strathfield is a diverse and inclusive community – Lorraine Street Bridge
  • Mason Park Wetlands is a sustainable environment – Hamilton Street Bridge
  • Hats off to Arnott’s – George Street Bridge


Review the EOI documentation below.

Submit an application through Smarty Grants before Monday 27 September 20215:00pm.

Three Bridges EOI - August 2021