Amendment Part N – Water Sensitive Urban Design

Council at its meeting on 4 October 2022 resolved to amend the Part N of the Strathfield Consolidated Development Control Plan 2005 (SCDCP 2005). 

The amendment proposes to amend Part N – Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) 

The amendment proposes to be inclusive of all types of development within the LGA.  It is intended to promote tree retention, retention of greenspace and the addition of recommended vegetation species planting list to promote vegetation as a strategy for WSUD.

The reason for the amendment is to minimise the loss of greenspace or mature trees through redevelopment within the LGA.

The SCDCP 2005 (Draft Amendment – Part N) will be on public exhibition for 28 days from Tuesday 2 November to Wednesday 30 November 2022.

Making a submission

Any person can make a submission in writing on draft SCDCP 2005 (Draft Amendment).  Submissions must be lodged with Council no later than 5pm on Wednesday 30 November 2022 and should be addressed to the General Manager, Strathfield Council and posted to PO Box 120, Strathfield NSW 2135 or emailed to:  council@strathfield.nsw.gov.au.

Should you have questions regarding draft SCDCP 2005 (Draft Amendment), please contact Council’s Specialist Strategic Planner, George Andonoski on 9748 9999.

Public exhibition documents:

  1. Council’s resolution
  2. Draft Part N – Water Sensitive Urban Design of SCDCP 2005 (amendments highlighted).


Council Resolution - Part N DCP Amendment


Part-N-Water-Sensitive-Urban-Design - Amended October 2022