New Sports Amenities Building

As part of Council’s Community Vision to Provide Liveable Neighbourhoods and support Community Wellbeing we are planning for the construction of a new Sports Amenities Building in Strathfield Park servicing local and regional sporting clubs.

Key inclusions will be:

  1. Two change rooms
  2. Male, female and access toilet facilities
  3. Ramp access
  4. Kiosk
  5. Viewing deck and breezeway structure with seating

Funding has been provided for the construction of this facility by the Australian Government’s Building Our Future – a funding scheme of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Synthetic Fields

Two new synthetic fields have been installed at Strathfield Park; these sports fields have been designed for the local community with the current stakeholders using the fields to continue with utilisation of the synthetic fields.

The all-weather playing fields, rain or shine, are always left with consistent perfect surface for the community groups to play social sports all year round. While natural turf requires a period of recovery after utilisation with an average of 25 hours use each week, the synthetic fields can endure heavy use of 60 hours per week which provides more utilisation for residents to enjoy the benefits of fitness through sports and passive recreation.

  • Construction commences

  • Construction completed

Key Dates

  • Commencement date: January 2020
  • Completion date: December 2020

Update – October 2020

Good progress has been made on this project, despite wet weather delaying the works by many weeks.

The building is now structurally complete and 90% of the internal fit out has been installed. The plumbing and electrical fit out are under way, and over the next couple of weeks, the landscaping and external paving will be completed.

Update – July 2020

Work on the Strathfield Park Amenities Building is progressing well. A lot of the structure is in place and the team is on track to deliver the project in time for the summer.