Strathfield Square Temporary Hire

Strathfield Square is an area of open space located in the Strathfield Town Centre.  The Town Centre is a popular destination of informal recreation and also acts as transport interchange and waiting area.

Strathfield Square is available for temporary hire for limited periods (0-4 hours) of small scale activities (less than 15 people) which are compatible with the primary uses of the area.  Activities should not interfere with pedestrian flow, public amenities or cause obstruction or discomfit to the other users of the Square.

The types of activities considered suitable in Strathfield Square include:

  • Community based eg information displays by local community based organisations
  • Exhibition of art or visual media
  • Health services under the auspice of NSW Health or Strathfield Council eg mobile BreastScreen etc
  • Charity events examples could include Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal, Red Cross Appeal etc.

If you wish to apply for use of Strathfield Square, please complete the application form and refer to the Conditions of Temporary Hire.