The management of weed species on public land will be conducted in areas where long-term control programs will deliver the greatest benefits to ensure the long term protection of Strathfield LGA’s natural ecosystems and habitat, public health and social amenity.

On public land with bushland, weeds will be priority managed where they are impacting on:

  • Threatened species and wildlife corridors
  • Areas that contain greater conservation value
  • Council bushland maintained by Council staff, contractors and volunteers e.g. Bushcare programs
  • Health and safety for recreation

In parks, reserves and sportsgrounds, weeds will be priority managed where they are impacting on:

  • Health and safety for recreational users
  • Native vegetation or natural areas
  • Aesthetic values

In road reserves, footpaths and carparks, weeds will be priority managed where they are impacting on:

  • Vision of vehicular traffic
  • Health and safety of pedestrians
  • Native vegetation or natural areas

The control of weed species will conform to Council’s responsibilities under the relevant legislation. 

  • Weeds will be assessed on a risk base and in accordance with the General Biosecurity Duty, Mandatory measures, Greater Sydney Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan 2017-2022, Control Orders, Biosecurity Zones and Prohibited Matter.
  • Weeds will potentially not be removed if the area is considered a low priority or if the weeds are providing important habitat to native fauna and their removal would negatively impact the wildlife.

Prevention of Further Spread of Weeds

To prevent the further spread of weeds, Council will:

  • Ensure all works on Council lands do not include planting of invasive species or environmental weeds that may in the future be listed as weeds.
  • Ensure landscape and erosion control materials used by Council (such as topsoil and straw bales etc.) are free of weed seeds and propagules.
  • Ensure council staff and contractors do not discard vegetation material (e.g. lawn clippings) into natural areas.
  • Investigate and prosecute illegal dumping in natural areas.
  • Educate to prevent spread of weeds and their management.
  • Monitor the presence and extent or spread of weeds in the Strathfield LGA.
  • Council will not encourage the sale of weeds species in the cut flower or nursery industries.