Council as an authority

Council is recognised as a local control authority (LCA) under the Biosecurity Act 2015 and is responsible for the control or eradication of invasive weeds. As a local control authority Council’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • The inspection of properties
  • Assistance with weed identification
  • Provision of advice on weed eradication or control measures
  • Notification of the presence and dangers of invasive weeds on both private and public lands.


The Biosecurity Act 2015 includes a number of mechanisms (regulatory tools) that can be used to manage weeds in NSW, these are outlined below. The Biosecurity Act 2015 and Regulations provide specific legal requirements for high risk activities and state level priority weeds.

Prohibited Matter: biosecurity matter listed in Schedule 2, Part 1 of the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015 for the purpose of preventing entry of that matter into NSW or a part of NSW. Prohibited matter relevant to the region is listed in Appendix A1.1 of this plan. Prohibited matter includes weeds nationally targeted for eradication and presently not in NSW.

Control Order: establishes one or more control zones and related measures to prevent, eliminate, minimise or manage a biosecurity risk or impact. Control orders are for managing weeds under approved eradication programs and last for five years (or can be renewed for longer-term eradication programs). Weed Control Order 2017 (Part 6 Division 1) under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015 will include weeds that are subject to a Control Order for the purpose of eradication. Further Control Orders will be proposed as needed to address subsequent eradication campaigns.

Biosecurity Zone: aims at containment of a species and provides for ongoing strategic management in a defined area of the state. A Biosecurity Zone specifies the measures that must be taken in the defined area to manage the weed. Species may also be subject to other measures tailored by the region either within the zone or outside it.

Mandatory Measures Regulation: requires parties to take specific actions with respect to weeds or carriers of weeds. Mandatory Measures are defined in the regulations and include prohibition on certain dealings - including Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) (Division 8 Clause 33), Parthenium weed carriers - machinery and equipment (Division 8 Clause 35), and duty to notify of importation of plants into the state (Division 8 Clause 34). Mandatory measures relevant to the region are listed in Appendix 1.