What is a Weed of National Significance (WoNS)

Under the National Weeds Strategy, 32 introduced plants were identified as Weeds of National Significance (WoNS). This list of 32 Weeds of National Significance was developed based on the following key criteria:

  • invasive tendencies
  • impact
  • potential for spread
  • socioeconomic and environmental values

National management strategies and manuals have been published for all of these species. The strategies aim to:

  • prevent spread and new infestations
  • reduce adverse impacts of existing infestations      
  • establish and maintain national commitment
  • coordinate management at a national level
  • increase community awareness

National management groups have been established for each of these species to oversee the implementation of the respective national strategic plans. The WoNS national management strategies and the details of the management arrangements are available from Weeds Australia.


Lantana (Lantana camara)