Cooks River RestorationStrathfield Council first began to address problems in the Freshwater Park area with a major bank rehabilitation project, carried out in 2001 – 2002, to a 200m section of the Cooks River, just upstream from Hedges Avenue, which runs adjacent to numerous homes and through the Strathfield Private Golf Course. The creek is the only naturalised section of the Cooks River within the Strathfield Council area.  

Since 2002, Council has undertaken a further two projects to stabilise the riverbanks between Hedges Avenue and Centenary Drive, Strathfield.

In the long-term, the riverbank restoration project aims to set a benchmark for waterway restoration that is self-sustaining, rich in biodiversity and demonstrates the efficient use of open space in a highly urban area.

Several engineering and landscaping measures were adopted throughout each stage to help control the erosion that was destabilising the riverbanks and bed of the Cooks River within the Strathfield Golf Club.

These included:

  • Battering of riverbanks to reduce steep bank slope
  • Stabilisation with appropriate materials, including appropriate local provenance native vegetation, geotextiles and natural rock
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance

To date the site has improved dramatically with over 55 000 local indigenous plants now preventing erosion even under the recent heavy rain events. The vegetation is also a valuable seed source for other vegetation projects.

For more information about Strathfield Council’s on-going commitment to the restoration of the Cooks River at Freshwater Park, please contact Council on 9748 9999.