Cooks River Biorention SwaleA bioretention swale, designed in accordance with Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) principles was constructed within Chain of Ponds Reserve at Cave Road, Strathfield.  The WSUD involved the construction of a bioretention swale to provide a water pollution buffer for local storm events.

The Cave Road system operates in periods of rainfall by diverting local stormwater flows from the nearby carpark and road to kerbside guttering and underground pipes and then into the swale. The swale component provides pretreatment of the stormwater to remove coarse to medium sediments. The water flows through native grasses which uptake pollutants as well as filtering through a modified soil structure. 

Any excess water enters an overflow pit at the end of the swale which is diverted into Council’s stormwater system prior to discharging the water, in a cleaner state, into the Cooks River.