Sustainability can be described as the preservation of both current and future generation’s access to an equitable level of Environmental, Social and Economic wealth.

Sustainable Development provides good value across all three key areas and requires a conscious change in the way societies function.

Sustainability is about achieving economic, social and cultural growth without causing damage to the systems supporting that growth.

Sustainability is about more than just balancing competing interests. It is about getting to a point where our actions generate mutually beneficial economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Council recognises the importance of providing a high standard of living for present and future generations and has taken measures to ensure the principles guide the decision making process.

Commitments have been made to adopt key principles of sustainability which are reflected in Strathfield 2030, Council's Community Strategic Plan.

How Sustainable Is Your Lifestyle?

A measurement of how efficient and how sustainable your own lifestyle is can be ascertained by conducting an ecological footprint study. An online Ecological Footprint test can be found at