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Strathfield Spirit

For immediate release

29 October 2020


Council is requesting feedback from locals on their experience of the different areas that make up the Strathfield Local Government Area (LGA).  We want to know what features make local areas livable and lovable.  Why people work, shop and socialise in particular areas. What makes parts of our LGA attractive and what stops people from going there. What our community want to see maintained, enhanced or changed over the coming years.

We want to hear from our community on their expectations for the future of the Strathfield LGA so that we can incorporate these into our local planning decisions and plans.

This feedback will help create Local Character Statements for areas across the LGA, which in turn will be used to inform the Local Environmental Plan 2021 (LEP).  The LEP is an important document utilised by Council to make decisions about how land will be used across the LGA. It sets the tone for the different zones and uses allowed across the LGA. The community’s feedback is vital to ensuring both the Character statements and the LEP reflect the values and expectations of locals and visitors.

We are seeking your input to help us identify the local characteristics of your area(s) – the places that you live, work, study or visit regularly. What is their look and feel? Is there a personality to the place?  What makes one place different from another? How do you experience the area? What attracts you to an area and what makes you not want to go there?

An area’s character encompasses many elements, which when combined give an area its unique identity.

So, if you have ever thought “I love this place”, “I love this view”, “I wish Council would do more of this and less of that, to keep my area just the way I like it or to make it better” now is the time to have your say, and help our Council in Shaping Strathfield for our community, now and in the future.

How You Can Participate


Visit www.strathfield.nsw.gov.au and add your feedback to our interactive map or complete a short survey. You can also sign up for ongoing communications.

In Person
Information displays are available at two locations:

  • Strathfield Council Library and Innovation Hub, 65-67 Rochester St, Homebush
  • Strathfield Council Customer Service, 65 Homebush Rd, Strathfield

For more information, visit www.strathfield.nsw.gov.au.



For media enquiries, please contact:

Naomi Searle

Strathfield Council

9748 9992