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Strathfield Council Celebrates Children’s Week 2018

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24 October 2018

Children’s Week celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood, and demonstrate their talents, skills and abilities.

This year’s Children’s Week theme decided by the UNCRC is “Children’s views and opinions are respected. They have the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child and the right to be heard.”

With this in mind, Strathfield Council joined forces with local primary school children to hear their thoughts on taking care of the environment, a topic which will affect their generation greatly.

Children were given the opportunity to voice their opinion on two areas of the topic; ‘what can we do to help’, and ‘plastics – why are they bad?’

The results were phenomenal with children speaking eloquently on issues which directly affect them, in a tone easy for their peers to understand.

Winner, Maria Ambanavos from Meriden Junior School, gave a thought-provoking speech creatively designed around the idea that plastic is a chameleon, what is obviously a plastic bag to us, may look like a jellyfish to a turtle.

Two other winners were selected from Santa Sabina Primary School and Retaval Preparatory School. Each winner will present their speech at a school assembly during Children’s Week.

Council is proud to have assisted our youngest residents to have their opinions heard and respected.

Attached image: Winner Maria Ambanavos from Meriden Junior School with her family and teacher.

All winners and runner-ups, and their speeches:

Meriden Junior
Winner: Maria Ambanavos
Second Place: Ella Coady

Santa Sabina
Winner: Matilda Stephens
Second Place: Charlotte So

Retaval Prepratory
Winner: Isabella Assaf
Second Place: Trinity Boulattouf


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