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September 4 – Cr Bott elected as new Mayor of Strathfield

6 September 2013

Newly elected Mayor of Strathfield, Cr Daniel Bott has declared his intention to be a true local champion for the area and has outlined key priorities for 2013.

Cr Bott said he had been deeply concerned to see the State Government flagging major changes that will impact on Strathfield residents, without appropriate consultation and transparency.

His key priorities for the remainder of 2013 include:

  • Seeking an urgent briefing from the NSW Government and Ports NSW regarding the environment impact and potential traffic congestion issues arising from development at the Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre site
  • Seeking a guarantee from the NSW Government that Strathfield will not be amalgamated with neighbouring councils
  • Seeking urgent clarification from the Local Government Minister regarding potential intentions to introduce a fourth-tier of government in the form of so-called‘ County Councils’, as outlined in the Local Government Review Panel report
  • Fighting to ensure the rights of Strathfield residents are not watered down by changes flagged in the State Government’s Planning White Paper
  • Taking an active role in ensuring the Australian Catholic University is not allowed to proceed with expansion plans that will impact negatively on Strathfield residents
  • Progressing the new Strathfield town centre development from plan into reality.

“It’s a huge honour to be given the responsibility of Strathfield Mayor and I am determined to make sure I use the position to make a real difference for locals,” Cr Bott said.

“I have been disturbed in recent times to see the cavalier way the State Government has been pushing initiatives that could have a huge impact locally, without engaging in proper consultation with the Strathfield community.

“It will be my goal to ensure the State Government is forced to the table and to make sure that the interests of Strathfield residents are not compromised. Whether that means fighting against the centralisation of local power, ensuring that developments do not clog up our roads, or making sure that residents still have a say in the way their community is developed – I want to fight in Strathfield’s corner.”

Cr Bott said that he also wanted to be far-sighted about guiding Strathfield’s evolution.

“I am determined to see Strathfield capitalise on its enormous potential,” he said.

“Our town centre, adjacent to the largest rail hub outside of the CBD, has the potential to be one of the most attractive civic centres in Sydney. This would greatly enhance lifestyle options for residents and increase the value and prestige of our community.

“I am passionate about advocating for a major new town centre development and forcing the government and other key stakeholders to get on board and make it a reality.”

Residents can attend the Meet Your Councillor session on Saturday 14 September at High Street Community Library from 10am-11am if they would like to discuss any issues on concerns with Cr Bott.