Council’s On Call Clean Up service allows each residential property up to three clean up collections per year of up to two cubic metres for the removal of bulky household items.

Important Notice


From 1 July 2019, on call Council clean up bookings will be collected on Mondays. Most residents put their Council clean up collection together on the weekend. Changing collection day to Mondays will reduce the occurrence of rubbish left on the street during the week, enhancing the visual appeal of streets.  

Bookings are essential for this service. To book, login into the online booking here.

Clean up guidelines

  • The maximum quantity of material acceptable is no larger than two cubic meters.
  • Materials shall be presented no earlier and no later than the DAY BEFORE your collection date.
  • Materials for on call collection must be placed neatly on the nature strip as close to the street gutter as possible.
  • Do not place materials next to parked cars, poles or trees. This may result in materials not being collected and having to book a new collection.
  • Materials placed out for collection must not block the footpath or roadway.
  • Households on corner blocks must leave materials at the front of their nominated address. If this is not possible due to safety reasons please let the customer service team know prior to your collection date.
  • A reminder email and SMS message will be sent prior to the booked clean up service.

Acceptable materials

  • Household furniture eg. chairs, tables, mattresses (limit of two)
  • General household items eg. clothes, books, toys
  • Tied bundles or bags of green waste eg. garden clippings, leaves, weeds, prunings and small branches up to 150mm in diameter and 1m in length.
  • Electronic waste eg. televisions, DVD players, computers, printers
  • Whitegoods eg. fridges, stoves, washing machines
  • Household metals eg. swing sets, sporting equipment, dismantled trampolines

Unaccepted materials

  • Trade, industrial and commercial (shop) waste
  • Construction and demolition waste including bricks, building timber and concrete
  • Asbestos and roofing material including insulation
  • Gas bottles and fire extinguishers
  • Chemicals (including empty containers)
  • Paint (including empty containers)
  • Motor or cooking oils (including empty containers)
  • Glass (including bottles, jars, mirrors, fish tanks, glass tables)
  • Car tyres

Any materials not mentioned in the above guidelines should be considered not acceptable.

Further Guidelines

  • Council reserves the right to refuse collection.
  • It is important that the clean up guidelines are followed. Materials placed out contrary to the guidelines may results in the materials not being collected, leaving the responsibility for removal on the owner of the material.
  • On the spot fines over $750 can be issued for failing to comply with the guidelines. Illegally dumped material will be investigated and prosecution may result.
  • Unwanted household items that are not accepted in Council’s clean up can be taken to the nearest waste management centre - phone 13 13 35 for your nearest centre.