Your red lid domestic waste bin is collected weekly. Use your waste calendar to check when your next collection will be.

Place your bins adjacent to the kerb on the night before your collection day.

Bins should -

  • Be a maximum of 1 metre from the kerb with the front of the bin to the kerb. The bin handles should be facing your property.
  • Be at least 50 centimetres apart.
  • Be at least 1 metre clear of adjacent trees or parked cars.
  • Not be overfilled – lids must be completely shut.
  • Be returned to your property as soon as possible, once they have been emptied.

Materials ACCEPTED in your Red Lid Domestic Waste Bin

  • Plastic bags or bin liners
  • Food Waste
  • Nappies
  • Packing Foam
  • Meat Trays
  • Plastic wrappers
  • Home administered medical waste (NOT INCLUDING ANY SHARPS)

Materials NOT ACCEPTED in your Red Lid Domestic Waste Bin

  • Building or construction materials
  • Soils or rocks
  • Sharps (including syringes)
  • Car parts
  • Paint tins or solvents
  • Garden vegetation
  • Gas bottles
  • Recyclables

Please ensure you place materials in the correct bin. Waste will only be collected if placed out in Council approved bins. Any waste placed out in bags or non-standard bins will not be collected and will be considered ‘dumped rubbish’. Illegally dumping rubbish is a serious offence and subject to fines under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

Failure to present any of the three waste bins correctly on 3 or more occasions may result in a ‘refusal of service’. Council staff will notify you by letter on the day of the incident if you have failed to present your bin correctly. Records of each incident will be kept by Council’s Waste Services staff. A household will be given three warnings in regards to incorrect bin presentation before the service is refused.

If your bin collection has been missed, please contact Council Customer Service to report a missed service.

To order new or additional bins and services, please submit the Waste Bin Application Form.