The Strathfield Council street tree program commenced in the 1880s and is responsible for the distinctive streetscape appearance, which characterises the Strathfield Municipality.

Street trees beautify the landscape, enhance property values and contribute to a range of other environmental benefits for the community such as:

  • Reduction of air and storm water pollutants
  • Reduction and storage of carbon from the atmosphere
  • Reduction of stormwater water run off volumes
  • Reduction of temperature and associated cooling/heating costs for housing
  • Atmospheric cooling
  • Production of oxygen for atmosphere

These environmental benefits also provide cost savings for the community

About 50% of the total 12,000 street trees in Strathfield Municipality are brush box plantings. Other major street trees species include water gums (12%) paper bark (4%), Chinese tallow (4%), Eucalyptus (4%) etc. 90% of street trees are Australian native species.

Strathfield Council's street tree program supports maintenance, protection and replacement of diseased or dying street trees.

Who looks after street trees?

Strathfield Council regularly checks and carries out any necessary pruning, removal and replacement of street trees planted on your nature strip. If you require assistance in managing the street tree e.g. requires pruning, broken limbs, tree roots, pruning, removal, dead or diseased trees etc in front of your property, contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 9748 9999.

Do not under any circumstances, cut or damage Council's street trees as this may be subject to legal action.

Who looks after trees in parks and reserves?

Strathfield Council manages trees in public parks and reserves. Trees are regularly checked and Council carries out any necessary pruning, removal and replacement of trees in parks and reserves. If you require assistance or want to report damage or problems, contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 9748 9999.  Do not under any circumstances, cut or damage Council's trees as this may be subject to legal action.

Council Trees and Development

Strathfield Council has adopted a policy of tree protection bond ranging from $3,000.00 (for each tree under 5 metres in height) to $50,000.00 for each significant trees or each tree over 50 years of age.

Conditions with all development consents will be imposed to protect all Council trees from development related damage.  These development consents conditions may also require replacement of any missing or damaged street trees at the full cost to the applicant..

Street trees must be considered at the early design stage.

In order to protect existing trees the use of existing driveway crossings and laybacks is preferred.  Council may refuse a request for a new relocated driveway crossing and layback if the proposed work has the potential to cause damage to the Council tree assets.

Ancillary structures and drainage pipes and pits should not be located within the canopy dripline of a council tree asset

Council requires trunk branch and perimeter fencing to protect Council tree assets.

Arboricultural Impact Statements and Tree Management Plans may be required for Council’s consideration to address the impact and management of Council tree asset issues.

All Council tree assets shall be protected in accordance with Protection of Trees on Development Sites (AS 4970-2009). To be effective all those working on a development site, not just the project arborists, have to value the trees on and adjacent to the site and this standard must be properly incorporated into the plans, specifications, site induction documentation and procedures for these development sites by all property owners, site managers and contractors.

All complaints concerning Council tree asset damage will be considered a breach of development consent or planning law and result in investigation by Council’s regulatory Services staff. Penalties for failing to protect a Council tree may include the forfeit of the Tree Protection Bond and/or issue of a penalty Infringement Notice or legal action be Council with Court Orders.

2019 Street Tree Planting Program

At the April 2018 Meeting, Council resolved to embark on a street tree planting program in order to increase our urban forest, mitigate 'heat island effect' and improve the environment in our local government area. As a result, 443 new street trees have been planted in 2019.

The following species were planted on nature strips:

  • Ivory Curl Flower
  • Red Flowering Bottlebrush
  • Jacaranda
  • Crepe Myrtle
  • Queensland Brush Box
  • Queensland Firewheel Tree
  • Magenta Lilly Pilly
  • Water Gum

All trees have been established prior to planting with a minimum height of 1.9m and a maximum height of 2.4m.

Strathfield Council has engaged Summit Open Space Services to Australian Standards and tree industry best practice guidelines. The program commenced in June 2019 and was completed in November 2019.  

Residents were notified by Summit Open Space Services prior to the planting taking place.

Council encourages residents to be proactive in the greening of our area by watering the planted trees each week during spring and summer.

Locations of tree planting:

House # Street Suburb
3 Abbotsford Road Homebush
81 Abbotsford Road Strathfield
1 Ada Avenue Strathfield
38 Albyn Road Strathfield
54 Albyn Road Strathfield
86 Albyn Road Strathfield
4 Alviston Road Strathfield
5 Alviston Road Strathfield
7 Anselm Street Strathfield South
10 Anselm Street Strathfield South
15 Anselm Street Strathfield South
19 Anselm Street Strathfield South
21 Anselm Street Strathfield South
23 Anselm Street Strathfield South
27 Anselm Street Strathfield South
31 Anselm Street Strathfield South
33 Anselm Street Strathfield South
37 Anselm Street Strathfield South
45 Anselm Street Strathfield South
26 Arthur Street Strathfield 
38 Arthur Street Strathfield
107 Arthur Street Homebush West
109 Arthur Street Homebush West
15 Augusta Street Strathfield
20 Augusta Street Strathfield
30 Augusta Street Strathfield
61 Augusta Street Strathfield
30 Barker Road Strathfield
38 Barker Road Strathfield
101 Barker Road Homebush
112 Barker Road Strathfield
11 Barton Street Strathfield South
25 Barton Street Strathfield South
27 Barton Street Strathfield South
1 Bede Street Strathfield South
6 Bede Street Strathfield South
15 Bede Street Strathfield South
18 Bede Street Strathfield South
10 Bellona Avenue Homebush
11 Bellona Avenue Homebush
14 Bellona Avenue Homebush
2 Bennett Avenue Strathfield South
16 Bennett Avenue Strathfield South
18 Bennett Avenue Strathfield South
20 Bennett Avenue Strathfield South
1 Birriwa Avenue Belfield
9 Birriwa Avenue Belfield
11 Birriwa Avenue Belfield
13 Birriwa Avenue Belfield
15 Birriwa Avenue Belfield
18 Blanche Street Belfield
31 Blanche Street Belfield
9 Boden Avenue Strathfield
6 Boyce Avenue Strathfield
1 Brooklyn Street Strathfield South
7 Brooklyn Street Strathfield South
9 Brooklyn Street Strathfield South
16 Brooklyn Street Strathfield South
18 Brooklyn Street Strathfield South
19 Brooklyn Street Strathfield South
20 Brooklyn Street Strathfield South
19 Broughton Road Homebush
45 Broughton Road Strathfield
3 Brunswick Street Strathfield
26 Burlington Road Homebush
75 Burlington Road Strathfield
1 Cecily Street Belfield
14 Cecily Street Belfield
101S Chalmers Street Strathfield
1 Chatfield Avenue  Belfield
2 Chatfield Avenue  Belfield
1 Chisholm Street Belfield
11 Chisholm Street Belfield
18 Chisholm Street Belfield
22 Chisholm Street Belfield
24 Chisholm Street Belfield
1 Chiswick Street  Strathfield South
8 Chiswick Street  Strathfield South
10 Chiswick Street  Strathfield South
11 Chiswick Street  Strathfield South
30 Chiswick Street  Strathfield South
64 Churchill Avenue Strathfield
3 Clement Street Strathfield South
6 Clement Street Strathfield South
26 Clement Street Strathfield South
9 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
13 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
17 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
23 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
25 Coronation Parade Strathfield South 
27 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
31 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
37 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
39 Coronation Parade Strathfield South 
41 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
53 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
63 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
81 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
83 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
85 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
115 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
125 Coronation Parade Strathfield South
17 Cosgrove Road Strathfield South
19 Cosgrove Road Strathfield South
31 Cosgrove Road Strathfield South
32 Cosgrove Road Strathfield South
41 Cosgrove Road Strathfield South
49 Cosgrove Road Strathfield South
72 Cosgrove Road Strathfield South
146 Cosgrove Road Belfield
6 Cotswold Road Strathfield
8 Cotswold Road Strathfield
14 Cotswold Road Strathfield
33 Cotswold Road Strathfield
21 Courallie Avenue Homebush West
24 Courallie Avenue Homebush West
37 Courallie Avenue Homebush West
47 Courallie Avenue Homebush West
67 Courallie Avenue Homebush West
81 Courallie Avenue Homebush West
23 Coventry Road Strathfield
8 Cross Street Strathfield
35 Cross Street Strathfield
9 Davidson Street Strathfield South
1 Dean Street Strathfield South
28 Dean Street Strathfield South
64 Dean Street Strathfield South
96 Dean Street Strathfield South
104 Dean Street Strathfield South
106 Dean Street Strathfield South
118 Dean Street Strathfield South
122 Dean Street Strathfield South
138 Dean Street Strathfield South
140 Dean Street Strathfield South
5 Derowie Street Homebush West 
7 Derowie Street Homebush West
5 Dickson Street Strathfield
11 Drew Street Greenacre
14 Drew Street Greenacre
21 Drew Street Greenacre
15 Edgar Street Strathfield
7 Elwin Street Strathfield
18 Excelsior Avenue Belfield
7 Exeter Road Homebush West
20N Exeter Road \ Eastbourne Road Homebush West
6 Fairholm Street Strathfield
9 Fairholm Street Strathfield
10 Fairholm Street Strathfield
23 Fairholm Street Strathfield
35 Fairholm Street Strathfield
17 Fitzgerald Crescent Strathfield South
33 Fitzgerald Crescent Strathfield South
2 Flemington Street Homebush West
4 Flemington Street Homebush West
6 Flemington Street Homebush West
8 Flemington Street Homebush West
15 FoRoad Street Greenacre
13 Frances Avenue Strathfield South
22 Frances Avenue Strathfield South
42b Francis Street Strathfield
8 Fraser Street Strathfield 
13 Fraser Street Strathfield
23 Fraser Street Strathfield
19 Glenarvon Street Strathfield
24 Glenarvon Street Strathfield
27 Glenarvon Street Strathfield
6 Gregory Street Strathfield South
7 Gregory Street Strathfield South
10 Gregory Street Strathfield South
12 Gregory Street Strathfield South
18 Gregory Street Strathfield South
21 Gregory Street Strathfield South
24 Gregory Street Strathfield South
32 Gregory Street Strathfield South
6 Hampstead Road Homebush West
7 Hampstead Road Homebush West
6 Hebe Street Greenacre
19 Hedges Avenue Strathfield 
31 Hedges Avenue Strathfield 
39 Hedges Avenue Strathfield
23 Henley Road Homebush West
7 High Street Strathfield
41B High Street Strathfield 
15 Highgate Street Strathfield
17 Highgate Street Strathfield
55 Highgate Street Strathfield
4 Hill Street Strathfield South
8 Hill Street Strathfield South
18 Hillcrest Avenue Strathfield South
24 Hillcrest Avenue Strathfield South
26 Hillcrest Avenue Strathfield South
30 Hillcrest Avenue Strathfield South
5 Hillcrest Street Homebush West
7 Hillcrest Street Homebush West
14 Hillcrest Street Homebush West
1 Holmwood Avenue Strathfield South
3 Holmwood Avenue Strathfield South
26 Holmwood Avenue Strathfield South
37 Homebush Road Strathfield
132 Homebush Road Strathfield
138 Homebush Road Strathfield
142 Homebush Road Strathfield
143 Homebush Road Strathfield
145 Homebush Road Strathfield
158 Homebush Road Strathfield
160 Homebush Road Strathfield
161 Homebush Road Strathfield
184 Homebush Road Strathfield
188 Homebush Road Strathfield
189 Homebush Road Strathfield South
190 Homebush Road Strathfield
11 Hornsey Road Homebush West
21 Hornsey Road Homebush West
37 Hornsey Road Homebush West
1 Howard Street Strathfield
8 Howard Street Strathfield
30 Howard Street Strathfield
2 Hunter Street Strathfield
15 Hunter Street Strathfield
2 Ismay Avenue Homebush
8 Ismay Avenue Homebush
11 Ismay Avenue Homebush
17 Ismay Avenue Homebush
37 Ismay Avenue Homebush
42 Ismay Avenue Homebush
50 Ismay Avenue Homebush
51 Ismay Avenue Homebush
52 Ismay Avenue Homebush
64 Ismay Avenue Homebush
13-15 Ismay Avenue Homebush
21 James Street Strathfield South
29 James Street Strathfield South
37 James Street Strathfield South
2 John Street Strathfield South
2N John Street Strathfield South
61 Juno Parade Greenacre
8 Kanoona Road Homebush West
14 Kanoona Road Homebush West 
5 Karuah Road Strathfield
10 Karuah Road Strathfield
20 Karuah Road Strathfield
21 Karuah Road Homebush
34 Karuah Road Homebush
21 Kessell Avenue Homebush West
22 Kessell Avenue Homebush West
24 Kingsland Road Strathfield
10 Llandilo Avenue Strathfield
12 Llandilo Avenue Strathfield
20 Llandilo Avenue Strathfield
39 Llandilo Avenue Strathfield
44 Llandilo Avenue Strathfield
46 Llandilo Avenue Strathfield
20 Loftus Crescent Homebush
21 Loftus Crescent Homebush 
23 Loftus Crescent Homebush
24 Loftus Crescent Homebush
25 Loftus Crescent Homebush
28 Loftus Crescent Homebush
4 Long Street Strathfield
23 Long Street Strathfield
58 Long Street Strathfield
38 Mackenzie Street Strathfield
105 Madeline Street Belfield
118 Madeline Street Belfield
120 Madeline Street Belfield
11 Manning Avenue Strathfield South
17 Manning Avenue Strathfield South
30 Manning Avenue Strathfield South
33 Manning Avenue Strathfield South
35 Manning Avenue Strathfield South
15 Maria Street Strathfield South
26s Maria Street/Chiswick Street Strathfield South
12 Marlborough Road Homebush West
6 Marlene Crescent Strathfield South
25 Marlene Crescent Strathfield South
12 Mcenroe Street Strathfield South
16S Mcenroe Street Strathfield South
2N Mcenroe Street Strathfield South
4 Melrose Street Homebush
14 Melville Avenue Strathfield
3 Meredith Street Homebush
7 Merley Drive Strathfield 
9 Merley Drive Strathfield
25 Mintaro Avenue Strathfield
34 Mintaro Avenue Strathfield
57 Mintaro Avenue Starthfield
58 Mintaro Avenue Strathfield
83 Mintaro Avenue Strathfield 
1 Mirrabooka Road Homebush
4 Mirrabooka Road Homebush
8 Mirrabooka Road Homebush
10 Mirrabooka Road Homebush
11 Mirrabooka Road Homebush
28 Mitchell Road Homebush
1 Mount Street Strathfield
10 Mount Street Strathfield
33S Mryna Road\Ada Avenue Strathfield
2 Myall Crescent Strathfield
4 Myall Crescent Strathfield
31 Myee Avenue Strathfield 
1 Myrna Road Strathfield
7 Myrna Road Strathfield
16 Myrna Road Strathfield
43 Myrna Road Strathfield
9 Naughton Street Greenacre
19 Naughton Street Greenacre
8 Newton Road Strathfield
14 Newton Road Strathfield
28 Newton Road Strathfield 
48 Newton Road Strathfield
56 Newton Road Strathfield
58 Newton Road Strathfield
64 Newton Road Strathfield
68 Newton Road Strathfield
80 Newton Road Strathfield
81 Newton Road Strathfield
83 Newton Road Strathfield
106 Newton Road Homebush
60W Newton Road\Wilson Street Strathfield
30 Noble Avenue Strathfield
55 Oxford Road Strathfield
15 Palmer Avenue Strathfield
9 Patricia Street Belfield
11 Patricia Street Belfield
16 Patricia Street Belfield
27 Pemberton Road Homebush
7 Pilgram Avenue Strathfield
40 Pomeroy Street Homebush
41 Pomeroy Street Homebush
42 Pomeroy Street Homebush
43 Pomeroy Street Homebush
44 Pomeroy Street Homebush
46 Pomeroy Street Homebush
49 Pomeroy Street Homebush
51 Pomeroy Street Homebush
53 Pomeroy Street Homebush
55 Pomeroy Street Homebush
34-36 Pomeroy Street Homebush
3 Pomona Street Greenacre
7 Ravenna  Street Strathfield
25 Ravenna  Street Strathfield
12 Richmond Road Homebush West 
20 Richmond Road Homebush West
28 Richmond Road Homebush West
44 Rickard Road Strathfield
6 River Street Strathfield South
2 Robinson Street Belfield
3 Robinson Street Belfield
19 Robinson Street Belfield
20 Robinson Street Belfield
16 Rochestor Street Homebush
24 Rochestor Street Homebush
40 Rochestor Street Homebush
42 Rochestor Street Homebush
52 Rochestor Street Homebush
7 Shortland Avenue Strathfield
65 Shortland Road Homebush
35 South Street Strathfield
43 South Street Strathfield
51 South Street Strathfield
63 South Street Strathfield
3 St Annes Square Strathfield South
5 St Annes Square Strathfield South
6 St Annes Square Strathfield South
7S St Annes Square Strathfield South
9 Station Street Homebush
9 Strathfield Avenue  Strathfield
15 Strathfield Avenue  Strathfield
22 Strathfield Avenue  Strathfield
4 Sunlea Crescent Belfield
12 Sunlea Crescent Belfield
4 Sylvanus Street Greenacre
32 Sylvanus Street Greenacre
35 Sylvanus Street Greenacre
42 Tavistock Road Homebush West
39 Telopea Avenue Homebush West
8 Telopea Street Strathfield
14 Telopea Street Strathfield
15 The Causeway Strathfield South
19 The Causeway Strathfield South
28 The Causeway Strathfield South
30 The Causeway Strathfield South
32 The Causeway Strathfield South
34 The Causeway Strathfield South
1E The Causeway/Maria Street Strathfield South
2 The Close Strathfield
4a The Close Strathfield 
70 The Crescent Strathfield
108 The Crescent Homebush West
109 The Crescent Homebush West
118 The Crescent Homebush West
125 The Crescent Homebush West
3 Therry Street Strathfield South
4 Therry Street Strathfield South
10 Therry Street Strathfield South
11 Therry Street Strathfield South
12 Therry Street Strathfield South
16 Therry Street Strathfield South
19 Therry Street Strathfield South
20 Therry Street Strathfield South
23 Therry Street Strathfield South
29 Therry Street Strathfield South
28W Therry Street Strathfield South
3 Thomas Street Strathfield
4 Thomas Street Strathfield
6 Torrington Road Strathfield
16 Torrington Road Strathfield
17 Torrington Road Strathfield
27 Torrington Road Strathfield
28 Torrington Road Strathfield
8 Underwood Road Homebush
10 Underwood Road Homebush
12 Underwood Road Homebush
31 Underwood Road Homebush
13 Wakeford Road Strathfield
17 Wakeford Road Strathfield
32 Wakeford Road Strathfield
41 Wakeford Road Strathfield
97 Wallis Avenue Strathfield
17 Water Street Strathfield South
30 Water Street Strathfield South
44 Water Street Belfield
57 Water Street Belfield
73 Water Street Belfield
77 Water Street Belfield
86 Water Street Belfield
6 Wentworth Road Greenacre
8 Wentworth Road Greenacre
12 Wentworth Road Greenacre
20 Wentworth Road Greenacre
28 Wentworth Road Greenacre
32 Wentworth Road Greenacre
39 Wentworth Road Homebush
40 Wentworth Road Homebush
42 Wentworth Road Greenacre
54 Wentworth Road Greenacre
67 Wentworth Road Greenacre
69 Wentworth Road Greenacre
20 William Street Strathfield South
40N Wilson Street\Ada Avenue Strathfield
5 Woodwaord Avenue Strathfield
16 Woodwaord Avenue Strathfield
17 Woodwaord Avenue Strathfield 

For further information please contact Council's Tree Management team on 02 9748 9999 or