If a person wishes to stand plant (eg crane, cherry picker or concrete pump) on a Council road or footpath they must complete a Standing Plant application form and get prior approval from Council.  The permit must be in possession of the Plant Operator at all times and must be produced on request of NSW Police or Council’s officers.

To apply for a Standing Plant permit the applicant will be required to do the following:

  • Complete application form for Standing Plant Permit.  A traffic management control plan is also required indicating proposed signs, alternative pedestrian routes, traffic lane widths, etc.
  • Permit fee is applicable (refer to Council’s fees and charges) and must be paid upon application.  
  • Minimum of seven days' notice is required to process an application.

If on or within 50 metres of a State or Regional road, RMS approval must be obtained. Contact the RMS Traffic Management Centre, phone (02) 8396 1425.

Download the form here.