Safety Around Schools

Safety Around Schools is an initiative that safeguards the interests of one of the most vulnerable road user groups. It is a collaborative partnership involving school authorities, rangers, police and local government agencies.

School zones reduce the risk and potential severity of a crash. They operate from 8-9.30am in mornings and 2.30-4pm in afternoons.

At the start of each school year, many new parents are introduced to parking and speed limit restrictions in school zones, which may be unfamiliar. As our students embark on their lifelong learning process, Strathfield Council urges parents, carers and road users to model positive behaviour by observing and obeying traffic rules. This will greatly assist school staff and local authorities as they strive to embed road safety. Stringent penalties and demerit points apply for violations and are enforceable by law. 

Council, in partnership with local schools is constantly working to improve parking, traffic flow and road user behaviour in school zones. Part of Council’s road safety program aims to inform parents and carers of the risks to children from speeding and illegal parking around schools. An education phase is followed by enforcement from council rangers and local police officers. 

As a community we are all aware that children are at higher risk in traffic because of their size and inability to judge speed and distance. 
When in school zones, please observe the following guidelines to reduce risk to children:

  • Abide by 40 km/h speed limits
  • Do not use mobile phones
  • Do not park in the school bus zone, on the zebra crossing or on footpaths
  • Never double park. This reduces driver visibility, causes congestion and puts children at risk.
  • Never call your child across the road
  • Always encourage your child to enter and exit the car from the kerb
  • Be patient & observe the directions of the School Crossing Supervisor
  • Abide by Kiss & Ride initiatives
  • Give way to pedestrians entering or leaving driveways
  • Be Bus aware – watch out for wig-wag lights, slow down and give way
  • Remember children are full of surprises! Expect the unexpected. Watch out for kids and think for them - they make mistakes.


By following the rules around school zones we can work together to ensure the safety of our children.

School Zone Penalties

  • Speeding – minimum fines of $192 and 2 demerit points. 
  • Approaching a children’s crossing or pedestrian crossing too quickly to stop safely – $572 fine and 4 demerit points. 
  • Double parking – $344 fine and 2 demerit points. 

School zone penalties apply to offences committed in school zones on gazetted school days.