Look Out Before You Step Out 

Taking risks and not being mindful on the roads can end in tragedy.

To increase the safety of pedestrians and raise awareness about safe usage of shared spaces, Strathfield Council and RMS will be funding installation of Look Out Before You Step Out stencils at identified pedestrian intersections.

Targeting high risk urban roads with large pedestrian volumes, the campaign encourages road users to make safe decisions. This will supplement ‘Stop, Look, Listen, Think’ pictorial road signs that were previously installed at Strathfield Square, Homebush Station, Homebush Shopping Precinct, Flemington Station, Flemington Markets and Strathfield Park.

Kids Need a Hand in Traffic

Strathfield Council supports “Kids Need a Hand in Traffic” campaign to inform adults about ways to ensure children are as safe as possible in traffic.

Children are unpredictable, smaller and hard for drivers to see. They cannot accurately judge speed, distance or the direction sounds are coming from. They are not ready to be left alone around traffic until they are at least 10 years old.

Adults should act as positive role models for children and set good examples of safe pedestrian practices.  Whenever you cross the road with a child, take their hand and discuss why we cross at traffic lights or pedestrian crossings, where to wait, what to look for and what to listen for.  Ask the child to tell you when they think it’s safe to cross.

For further information visit www.kidsafensw.org or www.kidsandtraffic.mq.edu.au