driveway safety2   driveway safety

It only takes a second for a tragedy to happen.

Every year in Australia around 50 children are run over in the driveway of their family home. 

The sad fact is small children can be impossible to see from inside a car, especially if they are immediately behind it.  It only takes an instant for a toddler to move into the path of a moving vehicle. While the circumstances are always awful, it’s worth remembering many of these deaths and injuries can be avoided.

The best preventative measure will always be direct supervision - always hold your child’s hand or hold them close where ever there is a moving vehicle, this includes car parks and when walking past residential driveways.

Driveways and yards which are used by cars and trucks are like small roads and should never be considered safe ‘play’ areas for children

All care should be taken by drivers reversing vehicle in home driveways, on the street and in shopping centre car parks.

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