The Resident Parking Scheme allows residents who have inadequate off-street parking to apply for permits to park in their street or neighbouring street without time restriction. Non-permit holders must comply with the 2P or 4P time restrictions in these areas.  

Council currently has three resident parking schemes as follows:

•     RPS1 involves streets bounded by Homebush Road, Redmyre Road, Raw Square. Albert Road and Beresford Road.  The scheme was implemented in November 2012.

  • RPS10 involves streets bounded by Homebush Road, Albyn Road, The Boulevarde and Redmyre Road. The scheme was implemented in June 2013.

•     RPS20 involves streets bounded by Loftus Crescent, Station Street, Parramatta Road, and Smallwood Avenue. The scheme was  implemented in June 2015.

Implementation of paid RPS will be conducted in stages when the existing permits expire in accordance with the following timelines:

  • RPS10 – Existing permits expired 31 December 2015.
  • RPS1 – Existing permits expire on 30 June 2016.
  • RPS20 – Existing permits expire on 30 June 2016.

Visitor Parking Scheme

The Visitor Parking Scheme is intended to assist residential visitors to park in close proximity to your residence without time restriction. Only residents of single dwellings can apply for a Visitor Permit and only one Visitor Permit will be issued to an individual residence per year.

Why has Council introduced these new fees?

To enable Council to recoup the costs associated with the administration, operation and maintenance of the Resident Parking Schemes. The Resident Parking Scheme has been designed to provide an enhanced parking amenity for local residents whilst still catering for the needs of various visitors to the area. 

Who is eligible?

Not all residents are eligible for permits. To be eligible for a parking permit under the scheme you must be a current resident of the property at which you have one or more vehicles registered. Proof of residence and vehicle registration are required when applying for a parking permit.

The number of parking permits issued to a single dwelling household will be determined by the difference between the number of vehicles registered at the address and the number of off street parking spaces available to the household.  Maximum two permits per household.  Single dwelling households can also apply for one visitor parking permit.

For apartments and multi-unit dwellings, a maximum of one parking permit can be issued per household. Residents of multi-unit dwellings are not eligible for visitor parking permits.

Fees and Charges

Fees and charges are applicable from 31 December 2015

A grace period of one month will be given for current permit holders when their permit expires.

Resident and Visitor Parking Permits may be purchased for either one or two years. 

Residents purchasing a Visitors  Permit will be charged $60 for one year if it is their third permit or $90 for two years if it is their third permit (first and second permits being Resident Permits).

These fees will be subject to annual Fees & Charges reviews and Council approvals. New RPS schemes may be developed and implemented in future and will be subject to existing fees at the time. 

Number of permits

(including one visitor parking permit)

Valid for one year Valid for two years
One  $40 $60
Two  $80 $120
Three $140 $210