Meter Parking will be in effect at Mason Park Car Park from 8 October 2017 as a result of the Council resolution made on 6 September 2016. Meter parking will deter all day parking and allow greater turnover for visitors of Bressington Park and Mason Park.

The parking meters will use a “pay by plate” system, using the number plate to identify how long the vehicle has been parked for. This system does not print tickets and is also cashless, meaning a credit card will be needed for payment. An electronic receipt can be sent to your mobile phone if requested,

Parking will be restricted to 3 hours between 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Sunday, with the following fees:

  • Monday to Friday: $2 for first 1.5 hours; then $3.60 per hour
  • Saturdays and Sundays: $2 for first 2 hours; then $3.60 per hour

Non-compliance with these parking regulations may result in the issuing of infringement notices.

For more information, contact Council Customer Service on 9748 9999 or

Strathfield Council – Paid Parking FAQ’s

When was approval given for paid parking?
On 6 September 2016, it was resolved at a Council Meeting to install paid parking at Mason Park car park.

Where will it installed?
Paid parking will be implemented in the Mason Park car park.

When will paid parking be introduced?
Paid parking will be introduced from 8 October 2017. 

How will it work?
Council is implementing a ‘pay by plate’ system.  The system is ticketless and cashless and uses the vehicles number plate to identify how long a vehicle has been parked for.  Each time you park you will need to enter your licence plate details, choose how long you want to park for and then pay the relevant amount. Reduced fee parking periods will apply to ensure users of the parks are not inconvenienced.

What is the payment option?
The system is a cashless system with payment only by credit or debit card.  The meters will have contactless payment readers (payWave, PayPass) for instant payment.  A receipt can be sent via SMS to your mobile phone, if required.

What time period do I need to pay?
Fees apply from Monday to Sunday from 8:30am – 5pm.  Outside of these hours a fee will not apply.

Can I top up the meter and park all day?
Paid parking is used to supplement the timed parking restrictions.  NSW Road Rule 205 states that a timed restriction applies to a parking area from the time you park your vehicle to the point at which you leave the car park.   As such, you need to leave the car park within the 3 hour limit.  By topping up the meter you are not complying with the 3 hour limit and you can still be issued with an infringement notice.

What are the fees?
The adopted fee is set at $3.60 per hour (as at 8 October 2017).   This is consistent with the parking fees set by neighbouring councils.

Will there be any discounts offered?
Yes, a reduced fee option will be offered between 8:30am and 5pm to ensure recreational users, sports groups and hirers can access the parklands.  The free parking periods will be; 

Monday to Friday               First 90 minutes for $2

Saturday and Sunday         First 2 hours for $2

The reduced fee will apply only for the first time you enter the car park.  If you leave and return no further discounts will apply and the full fee will be charged.

Will the on-street parking be metered?
At this stage Underwood Road and the adjoining streets will remain un-timed and un-metered.

I live in a residential area that is adjacent to the parks.  How will parking in my street be impacted?
Council is aware of the possibility of parking spill-over into residential areas as some drivers attempt to avoid paid parking.

Council will monitor the parking demands in these streets very closely and if required, will consult with impacted residents regarding options such as resident parking controls.

What about parking for the employees of the nearby industrial complexes and DFO?
Employee parking was provided as part of the development approvals for these locations.  Employees are encouraged to speak with their employers or the managing agents of these complexes about utilising these parking spaces.

What will the revenue raised from Paid Parking be spent on?
Once the establishment costs of have been recovered the revenue generated will be used to pay for;

  • Additional Council Rangers to regulate and manage parking enforcement in the area
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Community programs
  • Other Council initiatives for the community of Strathfield