Nature strips (or verges) are public land and can contain essential services such as sewerage, water pipes, telephone, power and gas.

You must obtain permission from Council to undertake any works (except mowing) on the driveway, footpaths and nature strips outside your property. This includes driveway modifications, storage of materials such as skips bins and pruning, planting or replacing trees on your nature strip.

Mowing of nature strips in front of residential properties is generally the responsibility of the owner. Should you be physically unable to tend to your nature strip and in receipt of a pension, you can apply for assistance from Council to maintain your nature strip.  Please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9748 9999 for futher information.

Where building work is proposed, owners and/or applicants are responsible for ensuring that the street tree and grassed nature strip are protected during construction.

Parking on nature strips or footpaths is an offence as it is an inconvenience and a hazard to pedestrians. The penalty exceeds $86.

For further information please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9748 9999.