On 1 March 2019, the Hudson Park Golf Course permanently closed and work commenced on an Urban District Park. The existing Driving Range will remain open until construction of a new Driving Range within the park is completed. 

Closing the golf course and creating a district park, will cater to the leisure and recreational needs of the whole community, rather than the golfing needs of a few.

As there is a pressing need to improve the environment and reduce increasing urban heat by planting trees, the necessity for effective utilisation of green space has become prevalent.

The Strathfield District Park will transform currently under-utilised space into a flourishing green area for sports and passive recreation. The plan includes:

  • Upgraded driving range
  • Sports courts
  • A playground
  • Picnic areas
  • A scenic lake
  • Substantial tree planting
  • Cafe 

Council has been in contact with Strathfield Golf Club who have confirmed that they will welcome golfers from Hudson Park. Golfers do not need to become members in order to play there, as the course is open to non-members on various days and times each week.

There has already been extensive landscaping and tree planting on site. Some existing fencing along Mitchell Road has been removed and will be replaced with Koppers Logs to open the park to the public

Strathfield Council is excited to bring this new green space to our residents!

20191025 Hudson pic1

20191025 Hudson pic2

20191017 pic 5