Strathfield Council is undertook a number of upgrades and construction improvement works around Strathfield throughout 2018 and 2019.

The following works were completed before June 2019.

Road Upgrades:

  • Ada Ave - From South St to Myrna Rd
  • Allen St - From Canal to Ismay Ave
  • Alviston St - From Vernon St to Homebush Rd
  • Anselm St - From Mooney St to Bede St
  • Anselm St - From Bede St to McEnroe St
  • Birnam Grove -From Homebush Rd to Chalmers Rd
  • Cross St - From High St to Gees Ave
  • Cross St - From Gees Ave to Hume Hwy
  • Excelsior Ave - From Water St to Chisholm St
  • Florence St - From Redmyre Rd to Elwin St
  • Hornsey Rd - From The Crescent to Exeter Rd
  • Howard St - From Shortland Ave to Karuah St
  • Palmer Ave - From Augusta St to Verona St
  • Parsons Ave - From Woodward Ave to Albyn Rd
  • Powell St - From Parramatta Rd to Underwood Rd
  • South St - From Newton Rd to Ada Ave
  • Strathlora St - From Wallis Ave to South St
  • Victoria St - From Homebush Rd to Summit Pl
  • Victoria St - From Summit Pl to Chalmers Rd

Drainage Upgrades:

  • Amaroo Avenue – From Noble Avenue to High Street
  • Homebush Road – From Fairholm Street to Gelling Avenue
  • South Street – From Glenarvon Street to Strathlora Street
  • Woodward Avenue – From Homebush Road to The Boulevarde

Kerb and Gutter Upgrades:

  • Ada Avenue – From Wilson Street to Bareena Street
  • Allen Street – From Ismay Avenue to Canal
  • Bareena Street – From Ada Avenue to Yarrowee Road
  • Birnam Grove – From Chalmers Road to Homebush Road
  • Duke Street – From Beresford Road to Albert Road
  • Edward Street – From Bennet Avenue to Liverpool Road
  • Hornsey Road – From Exeter Road to The Crescent
  • Victoria Avenue – From Elliott Street to Punchbowl Road
  • Woodward Avenue – From Homebush Road to The Boulevarde

Footpath Upgrades:

  • Abbotsford Road – From Bridge Road to Homebush Road
  • Ada Avenue – From Melville Avenue to Boden Avenue
  • Albert Road – From Dickson Street to Homebush Road
  • Albyn Street – From Chalmers Road to Homebush Road
  • Barker Road – From Marion Street to South Street
  • Burlington Road – From Meredith Street to Homebush Road
  • Chalmers Road – From Augusta Street to Gelling Avenue
  • Churchill Avenue – From Raw square to The Boulevard
  • Coventry Road – From Dickson Street to Rochester Street
  • Cotswold Road – From Hunter Street to Fairholm Street
  • Crane Street - From Loftus Crescent to Parramatta Road
  • Exeter Road - From East Bourne Road to Henley Road
  • Fraser Street – From Howard Street to Edgar Street
  • Hedges Avenue – From Liverpool Road to Augusta Street
  • Henley Road – From Exeter Road to Tavistock Road
  • High Street – From Wallis Avenue to Liverpool Road
  • Hunter Street – From Homebush Road to The boulevard
  • Margaret Street – From Redmyre Road to The Boulevard
  • Noble Avenue  - From Amaroo Avenue to High Street
  • Redmyre Road – From Margaret Street to The Boulevard
  • St Annes Square – From Therry Street West to Therry Street West
  • Station Street – From Loftus Crescent to Parramatta Road
  • Tavistock Road – From East Bourne Road to Henley Road
  • The Boulevard – From Mintaro Avenue to Carrington Avenue
  • The Crescent – From Bridge road to Meredith Street

The following traffic projects are currently underway.

Traffic Projects and Local Area Traffic Management Schemes (LATMs):

  • Arthur Street - Standard bicycle refuges
  • Arthur Street/Hornsey Road roundabout
  • Beresford Road/Homebush Road parking lane
  • Bridge Road  - Parking lanes from Parramatta Road to Mackenzie Street
  • Henley Road/Tavistock Road Roundabout
  • Homebush Road/The Crescent to Arthur Street parking lines
  • The Crescent/Flemington Village 40km speed west of Hornsey Street
  • The Crescent/Flemington Village raised threshold west of Hampstead Road
  • The Crescent/West of Bridge Road raised thresholds west of Mackenzie Street


The latest information may be made available as open access information in accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA). 

This information may be provided upon application.  

Please contact Council on 9748 9999 to arrange an inspection.