Ibis are a unique wetland bird species that are becoming more common within urban areas along the east coast of Australia due to loss of natural wetland habitat and drier weather conditions. The most common species within urban areas is the White Ibis (Threskiornis molucca). The natural diet of the white Ibis includes insects and aquatic invertebrates however Ibis have adapted to life in urban areas discovering the bountiful supply of waste and litter.

Living with Ibis

There are a few simple precautions that we can all take to ensure that Ibis do not become a problem in Strathfield, these include:

  • Proper disposal of waste and litter both at home and in our parks, streets and civic areas
  • Covering of garbage bins, compost bins / heaps and skips
  • Taking care not to feed the birds whether it be intentionally or unintentionally such as leaving uneaten pet food outside.

Further measures to control Ibis problems may be undertaken by property owners under license from the National Parks and Wildlife Service by qualified professionals, for more information property owners should contact Council on 9748 9979.

Further Information