Fox photo

Foxes can be found throughout metropolitan Sydney including the Strathfield Council area.  

Foxes are dangerous and have officially been declared a pest species in NSW.  In urban areas, foxes pose a potential risk to human and domestic animal health and safety as well as to threatened species such as green and golden bell frogs and native animals such as birds.

Fox sightings usually occur at night and in the early morning. Do not feed foxes, intentionally or otherwise, as this will encourage them to continually visit. Foxes are searching for food and will come into backyards to eat food left out for pets or food scraps. Uneaten pet food should be removed and domestic food scraps placed in compost bins or similar. Any other potential food sources for foxes should be properly disposed of to discourage their presence in urban areas, particularly around valued pets.

Foxes are not indigenous Australian animals and they pose a great risk to native animals.  The European Red Fox is medium-sized and was introduced to Australia in the 1855 for recreational hunting. It is now widely distributed across most of Australia and in 2012, there were an estimated 7.2 million foxes in Australia.

If you do see a fox, avoid coming in contact with them, rather observe them and record their numbers, behaviour, location and time. You can report a fox sighting to Strathfield Council on 9748 9999 or email

Alternatively you can record your sightings directly to the Fox Scan Website.

FoxScan is a community website that allows you to record and map sightings of foxes, fox damage, and control activities in your local area. Use FoxScan data recorded in your region to help decide where to undertake control, and coordinate with your neighbours.