As of 1 July 1999, the State Government introduced a new microchipping and lifetime registration procedure for dogs and cats as part of the Companion Animals Act 1998. Microchipping involves the injection of a tiny rice grain sized pellet under the skin of the animal. The chip contains an encoded ID number that can be read using a scanner by any vet or pound. Vets or authorised identifiers can assist pet owners with microchipping requirements of the Companion Animals Act.

Dog Owners

All dogs born after 1st July 1999, or where the ownership of the dog changes after 1st July 1999, must be microchipped then registered for life at six months of age. Puppies must be microchipped by 12 weeks of age or before change of ownership. They must be registered for life by six months of age.

Cat Owners

Cats owned prior to 1st July 1999 do not have to be registered for life, however all cats must by law be identifiable by a collar, tag or microchip.

Cats sold or given away after 1st July 1999 must be microchipped and registered for life. Kitten born after 1st July 1999 should be microchipped by 12 weeks or before change of ownership. They must be registerd for life by 6 months of age. All cats that are impounded must be microchipped and registered for life prior to release.

If you are an owner with a new cat or dog that you have bought or that has been given to you, you must ensure the animal is microchipped and registered when it is six months of age.

Once your animal is microchipped you are then able to apply for lifetime registration. Lifetime registration is compulsory for all cats and dogs, which are bought, sold, given as gifts or have transferred ownership on or after 1 July 1999. This can be done at Council’s Customer Service Centre. For further information on the Companion Animals legislation visit the NSW Office of Local Government's Companion Animals website.

Registration fees for lifetime

  • Entire cat or dog (undesexed): $210
  • Cat or dog owned by registered breeder: $58
  • Desexed cat or dog: $58
  • Desexed cat or dog owned by pensioner (aged pension, war widow pension, disability pension)*: $25
  • Trained assistance animals have to be microchipped and registered but there is no registration fee.

If you fail to register your cat or dog when required to do so you may be issued with a fixed penalty notice of $275, or a court may award a maximum penalty of up to $5500 or up to $6,500 if your dog is a restricted dog or a declared dangerous or menacing dog.