To promote healthy lifestyles, there are two dog leash free areas in the Strathfield Council area.  Council recognises that the owning of pets (companion animals) including dogs, increases quality of life and has many health and social benefits.

Council's Leash Free Parks are located at:

  • Elliott Reserve, located along the Cooks River where it runs from Elliott Street, Belfield (Main Entrance opposite Bark Huts Reserve) to Punchbowl Road. Elliott Reserve links up to the Bay to Bay Walk / Cycleway which runs along the opposite side of the river past Southend Tennis Centre and Ford Park. Note: Dogs are banned in this park when the area contains a circus.
  • Allen Street Reserve is located along Powells Creek at Homebush and is Council's newest leash free area. This area features a fully fenced with 1.3 metre fence and double gates, dog agility equipment, seating and drinking water for dogs.

Conditions of use of leash free areas:

  • Dogs must be supervised by a competent adult and kept under effective control at all times.
  • You may not bring any more than four (4) dogs into the leash free park at any one time.
  • The owner of a dog is responsible for that animal's actions while in leash free parks and public areas, not council.
  • Please ensure you remove all dog litter. Council provides bays and bins in leash free parks to assist in this. Failure to remove dog litter (faeces) is an offence that attracts an on the spot fine.
  • Ensure that when travelling to or from leash free parks and while walking your dog on public land (other than designated leash free parks), you keep your dog leashed at all times. Failure to keep your dog leashed on public land (other than designated leash free areas) is an offence and attracts an on the spot fine.
  • Ensure that your dog is registered and permanently identified (micro-chipped), it is an offence to not have your animal registered and permanently identified attracting an on the spot fine for each offence.
  • Dangerous dogs must be kept leashed and muzzled while on public land at all times (even when in leash free parks) and controlled by an adult over the age of 18 years.  

Dog Litter (Faeces) 

Dog litter is one of the major causes of pollution to our waterways. After rain, 50% of bacteria in the stormwater system that concern public health are from dog faeces (poo). The nutrients also contained in the dog faeces affect aquatic plants and wildlife in our creeks, rivers & harbour where they also encourage algal blooms (including poisonous blue green algae).  Nutrients from dog litter also threaten bushland encouraging weed growth and killing native vegetation.

Dog litter bacteria is also a health concern where dog litter is stepped in and is then walked through your house, shopping centres, cars and public facilities posing the greatest health threat to children and the elderly.

Council has provided dog litter bags at these leash free areas, please use them and dispose of them thoughtfully. Remember to help keep our environment beautiful and healthy by taking a pooper-scooper or plastic bag (ordinary shopping bag) to dispose of your dog's litter in a bin.