Bees on Private Property

Any person wishing to keep bees must be registered with the NSW Department of Primary Industries.  The Department investigates complaints about nuisance bees and wasps.

As the bee numbers worldwide are in decline, Strathfield Council is committed to maintaining a bee friendly environment in the Strathfield LGA. 

There are many benefits bees provide including pollinating our parks and gardens, especially fruit and vegetable gardens. 

Removal of Bees from private property

The removal of bees on private property is the responsibility of the landowner. 

If residents require assistance with removal of bee swarms on private property, they can contact the Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW Inc .  The Association provides advice on bee swarm problems and may assist in collection of bees from properties.  Bees removed by a bee-keeper are relocated and not killed, which is a better outcome for all concerned.  Collectors may charge a fee for removal, which is less than typically charged by a pest controller. 

Residents may also contact a pest control company to organise eradication.    

Removal of Bees from Public Buildings and Land eg Parks

Bee hives in tree hollows will generally not be removed. Council will only remove a bee swarm when it is a hazard to the public and when it is unlikely to move on to a more suitable location naturally.

To report swarms on Council owned property please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 9748 9999. Details about the exact location of the swarm should be provided along with an approximate length of time the bees have been there. Council will seek to have the bees removed and/or relocated.


To remove wasps, contact a local pest control company or pest control association.