Sydney Trains Planned Train Replacement 24-25 July 2021

Sydney Trains is planning the reduced closure of the Northern Line between Berowra and Strathfield on Saturday 24 July and Sunday 25 July 2021. During this period buses will either replace train services or supplement train services over the closure. The work is part of the new coordinated possession regime planned at minimising the overall impact on passengers. The strategy allows for a cyclic maintenance/capital work program maximising the resource commitment to the applicable line closure while at the same time minimising the frequency of the possession.

Changes will be made to regulatory signage, by authorised traffic controllers on behalf of Sydney Trains to support the bussing operation on Saturday 24 July 2021. Any changes made during the closure period will be reversed by the authorised traffic controllers, following the departure of the last train replacement bus on Sunday night/early Monday morning through that location. Details are provided in the below document.


June Train Replacement TCP - Albert Rd, Strathfield