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2017-2018 Fees and Charges – Finance Services

On 2 May 2017, Council adopted its Schedule of Fees and Charges 2017-2018.

Following a review of the adopted charges, it was determined that the Schedule of Fees and Charges 2017-2018 include the following amendments. The proposed fees are below.

This proposal will be on public exhibition from 02 June 2017 until 30 June 2017 and can also be viewed at:

  • Council’s Customer Service Centre – 65 Homebush Road, Strathfield
  • Strathfield Library – 65-67 Rochester Street, Homebush
  • High Street Community Library – 64 High Street, Strathfield

Written submissions may be made until 4pm on 1 July 2017 and should be sent to the General Manager, Strathfield Council, PO Box 120, Strathfield NSW 2135 or emailed to

For more information, please contact Council on 9748 9999.


Pricing PrincipleItemDescriptionGST Y/N2017/18 Charges (incl. GST)2017/18 Charges (excl. GST)
dApplication of a Construction Certificate    
Valued up to $50,000Y           2,075.00           1,886.36
Valued between $50,001 – $500,000Y           3,075.00           2,795.45
Valued between $500,001 to $1 millionY           4,075.00           3,704.55
Valued more than $1 millionY           5,075.00           4,613.64
Valued up to $100,000Y           3,495.00           3,177.27
Valued between $100,001 – $500,000Y           5,495.00           4,995.45
Valued between $500,001 – $1,000,000Y           6,995.00           6,359.09
Valued at greater than $1,000,000Quote will be providedY
Valued up to $100,000per unit or lotY              774.00              703.64
Valued between $100,001 – $500,000per unit or lotY           1,548.00           1,407.27
Valued between $500,001 – $4,000,000per unit or lotY           3,096.00           2,814.55
Valued at greater than $4,000,001Quote will be providedY
1. Construction Certificate fees are in addition to the required development application fee.
2. A discount of 10% will be given on the Construction Certificate fee but only if lodged at the same time as the development application.
3. The Construction Certificate application shall be accompanied by working drawings, building specifications and engineering plans (where relevant).
dModification of Construction Certificate    
Modifications to dwellings or outbuildings(NOTE: The relevant development consent must also be modified by making application under Section 96 of the EP&A Act)50% of the original fee PLUS the applicable Section 96 application feeY              990.00              900.00
NOTE: Additional construction certificates are often required as a result of amended development applications. In these circumstances a new construction certificate will be issued but the applicable fee may be reduced as indicated above.
Construction Certificate Applications involving a Building Code of Australia Alternative SolutionRelevant application fee  PLUS
$4,500 minimum
Additional charges may be levied to recover council’s costs in more complicated assessments at the rate of $364/hour or part thereof Such charges will be as determined by the Group Manager Planning & Environment in consultation with the applicant.
Engineering and Landscaping Services
Dependant upon nature of proposed development as determined by Development Unit:
Engineering:Quote will be providedY
Landscaping:Quote will be providedY
d(a) Application of a Complying Certificate
based on value of works
Not exceeding $5,000(minimum)Y           1,110.00           1,009.09
Exceeding 5,000 but not exceeding $100,000:$832 PLUS
$3.63/1,000 for the amount greater than $5,000
Y           2,496.00           2,269.09
Exceeding $100,000 but not exceeding $250,000$946 PLUS
$2.59/1,000 for the amount greater than $100,000
Y           2,838.00           2,580.00
Exceeding $250,000$1,224 PLUS
$1.04/1,000 for  the amount greater than $250,000
Y           3,672.00           3,338.18
(b) Submission of Amended Plans – prior to determination of complying development certificate application 50% of original application feeY
(c) Modification/Cancellation of a Complying Certificate(S.87) – after certificate has been issued  75% of original application feeY
 Building Certificate (Section 149B)   
bClass 1 or Class 10 buildingfor each dwelling contained in building or in any other building on the allotment.N              250.00              250.00
bIn the case of any other class of building as follows:
Floor area of building or part
(i) Not exceeding 200 m²N              250.00              250.00
(ii) Exceeding 200 m² but not exceeding 2000 m²$250 plus 50 cents/ sqm over 200 sqmN              250.00              250.00
(iii)Exceeding 2000m2$1,165 plus 75 cents/ sqm over 2000 sqmN           1,165.00           1,165.00
bIn any case where the application relates to a part of a building and that part consists of an external wall only or does not otherwise have a floor area. N              250.00              250.00
bIf reasonably necessary to carry out more than one inspection of the building before issuing a building certificate, council may require payment of an additional fee.  Additional inspections will be charged at the same rate.N                90.00                90.00
dCopy of Building Certificate (Clause 261 EP&A Regulation) with owner’s consentN                13.00                13.00
(a)  For certificates issued prior to initial occupation of new building (Section 109M)
(i) Where Council has been nominated as the PCA, has inspected the building works during construction, and an inspection package is purchased from Council . Y              681.00              619.09
(ii) Where Council has not inspected the works or done the critical stage inspection$6,995 minimum (quotes will be provided) Y           6,995.00           6,359.09
(b) For certificates issued to authorise a change of building use (Section 109N ie where no building works are proposed)
(a) For buildings up to 200 sqmY              350.00              318.18
(b) For buildings between 200 and 2,000 sqmY              350.00              318.18
(c) For buildings greater than 2,000 sqmY              650.00              590.91
Pricing Principles
aThe price charged for this good or service reflects the full recovery of operating costs (excluding cost of capital) of providing the particular good or service.
bThe price charged for this good or service is a statutory charge set by regulation.
cThe price for this good or service is set to make a minimal contribution to the cost of providing the service.  The majority of costs are met from general income.
dThe price charged for this good or service represents either the full recovery of operating costs (excluding cost of capital) or the current market rate whichever is the
greater and reflects prices charged for similar goods or services provided by other Councils.
eThe price for this good or service represents either the full recovery cost or the current market rate, whichever is the greater, except to those individuals or groups that
have been identified as being disadvantaged in need of ‘special consideration’ or where a community service obligation exists.
fThere is no price charged for this good or service.  All costs associated with this good or service are met from general income.
gThe price for this good or service is set to reflect the full recovery of operating costs plus an appropriate profit margin, whilst recognising current market rates.