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Anyone can have their say about a proposed project, items on public exhibition or current development applications by making a submission.

Public exhibition documents are available to view at Strathfield Council Customer Service Centre, 65 Homebush Road Strathfield during business hours.  Exhibition documents may also be available at Strathfield Library and/or Council website.

Writing a submission gives you the opportunity to raise your issues or concerns or to give your support to a development application or proposed project.

A submission is a formal hand written or typed letter or an online submission sent to the Council about a development application or other proposal that has been ‘publicly notified’ i.e. advertised on Council’s website.

Anyone is entitled to formally support or oppose a proposed project or development application (or elements of the development application) through a submission. Council considers all submissions received.

Submissions which are made in relation to publicly notified proposals are considered to be open access information.   Open access information may be published in Council reports and may be accessible upon request by other members of the public.

Submissions, including objection letters, which are made in relation to development or planning proposals, are considered to be open access information under the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2009. Open access information is available for inspection by members of the public and may be published in Council reports or on Council’s website.

Under section 739 of the Local Government Act 1993, a person may request that their name and address be removed from documents available for public inspection, if disclosure would place that person or members of their family’s personal safety at risk. Requests must be made in writing to the General Manager of Strathfield Council and you must provide supporting information. You may be requested to provide a signed statutory declaration in support of your request.

Council officers assess development and planning proposals against criteria set out in local planning controls and legislation. Therefore, your submission must clearly set out your concerns in order that they can be properly considered against the proposal. Some issues you may wish to consider in your submission relating to development or planning proposals include comments on views, floorspace, height, urban design, heritage, traffic and car parking, noise, landscaping, drainage, privacy and overshadowing.

For the Council to accept your submission, it should:

  • be lodged with Council before the final date specified in the public notice.  Late submissions may not be accepted.
  • be hand written or typed.  Submissions can be in letter form or digital e.g. email.
  • include either the development application number or name of item being proposed in the title of the submission.
  • submissions by letter should be signed and include the name, address and contact information of each person making the submission.
  • submissions lodged by email should include information such as name, address and contact information.  Council will not accept a submission if the sender’s identify is not properly disclosed.
  • set  out the reasons for your submission and the issues you wish Council to consider.

You can lodge written submissions with the Council:

  • by fax to 9764 1034
  • by mail to the CEO, Strathfield Council, PO Box 120 Strathfield NSW 2135
  • by email to
  • in person at Council’s Customer Service Centre, 65 Homebush Road, Strathfield.

A submission which does not conform to these conditions is not valid and may not be accepted by Council.

Submissions may be available for viewing by members of the public.

Council will advise the person who has lodged the submission if the matter will be discussed at a meeting of Council.

The person who lodged the submission will be notified of the Council’s decision regarding the submission.

For further information please contact Council’s Customer Service on 9748 9999.