Strathfield Council has 25 playgrounds located in parks and reserves throughout the Strathfield Municipality. These playgrounds are designed for many different age groups, and each playground provides a different range of activities for its users. Improvements and maintenance aim to ensure that playgrounds meet a diverse range of current and future community needs including specific age groups and people with disabilities.

Strathfield's playgrounds provide both physical and intellectual activities encouraging children to learn and grow developing their minds and bodies in a safe and fun environment.

Current activities and objectives for playgrounds include: 

  • To make Councils playgrounds more exciting and innovative
  • To cater for a wider age group
  • To provide activities for teenagers and youth
  • Provide a wider range of activities and experiences
  • To continue improve safety and lower risk

Playground Upgrades

Strathfield Council is reviewing construction of 25 new/upgraded playgrounds located in parks and reserves throughout the Strathfield Municipality.

Planning is underway for construction of the playgrounds at:



Commencement Date (weather pending)


Strathfield Park Chalmers Road playground

 Part of the playground to be removed. Upgraded to further educate kids.

 November 2018


Bark Huts

Upgrade to new equipment, shade structure, fencing and soft fall rubber

November 2017

Bark Huts Plans

Coronation Reserve

New shade structure, equipment and soft fall rubber. 

February 2018


Augustus Loftus Reserve 

Edging, re-varnish wood, landscaping and mulch

February 2018


Centenary Playground

Edging, re-varnish wood, landscaping and mulch, new equipment and soft fall rubber.

April 2018


Drew Street Playground

 Shade Structure, new plaque, seating, edging, pathway, soft fall rubber and outdoor fitness equipment.

November 2017


Freshwater Park  

 Re-varnish wood, landscaping, edging, soft fall rubber and mulch.



Pilgrim Park 

Pilgrim Park is closed due to upgrading facilities with new playground equipment, softfall rubber, shade structure, reinstating the laneway, bollards and landscaping.

March 2018


St Annes Reserve

New playground equipment, wetpour rubber, sandstone logs, seating, bin and bubbler.

June 2018


Tavistock Reserve

Soft fall rubber, additional equipment, shade structure and landscaping.

April 2018


Wentworth Reserve 

Wetpour rubber, brick edging and new furniture.

June 2018


Chain of Ponds Reserve (Morgan Place, Strathfield)

New playground equipment with tower, swing and see-saw. Shade structure, softfall rubber, bin, bubbler and seating.

May 2018


For more information on Capital Works, please see the Capital Works page.

Disabled Access

Disabled access is available in different playgrounds to varying degrees. All new playgrounds have been designed to provide access for all abilities.


The park and street location of each children’s playground are in the following table:




Airey Park

The Crescent, Homebush

Augustus Loftus Reserve

29/30 Loftus Crescent, Homebush

Austin Park

Marlborough Road & The Crescent, Homebush

Bark Huts Reserve

Elliott Street, Belfield

Boden Reserve

Pemberton Street, Homebush

Centenary Playground

Alviston Street, Strathfield

Cooke Park

Madeline Street, Strathfield South

Coronation Reserve

Coronation Parade, Strathfield South

Dean Reserve

Dean St, Strathfield South

Drew St Playground

Drew St, Greenacre

Edwards Park

Macarthur Avenue, Strathfield

Fitzgerald Park

Broughton Road, Strathfield

Ford Park

James Street, Strathfield South

Frank Zions Reserve

Mitchell Road, Homebush

Freshwater Park

Ada Avenue, Strathfield

Henley Reserve

Henley Road, Homebush

Inveresk Park

Beresford Rd & Dickson Street, Strathfield

Marlene Reserve

Marlene Crescent, Greenacre

Mason Park

Underwood Road, Homebush

Melville Reserve

Hampstead Road, Homebush

Pilgrim Park

Arthur Street, Homebush

St Annes Reserve

Therry Street, Strathfield South

Strathfield Park

Homebush Road, Strathfield

Chalmers Road, Strathfield
(Disabled Access Playground)

Tavistock Reserve

Eastbourne Road, Homebush West

Wentworth Reserve

Wentworth Road, Homebush