Wallis Reserve is located on Wallis Avenue and West Street, Strathfield.


Open space for weddings and informal recreational activities.

About Wallis Reserve

Wallis Reserve is a neighbourhood park designed as an integral feature of the surrounding residential area, providing recreation opportunities, outdoor space for wedding ceremonies and enhancement of local amenity and streetscape.  


Wallis Reserve is named after Frederick Wallis, Mayor of Strathfield [1923-24] and is located on Wallis Avenue and West St Strathfield.

Wallis Reserve is part of the 1924 ‘Glenarvon Estate’ subdivision bordered by Chalmers Rd, Ada Avenue, West St and Wallis Avenue [then called Yarmouth Rd]. The land was considered unusable by the sub dividers, the Strathfield Land Co Ltd, due to drainage problems and it was dedicated to Strathfield Municipality for the purposes of a park.

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Strathfield Council in 1960, Strathfield Council laid out gardens in Wallis Reserve and placed a sundial for commemoration. The 1960 layout of the park is still in evidence and it is one of Strathfield’s only reserves, which maintain this traditional style of garden layout.

Transport and Accessibility

Bus and Train – Trip Planner provides information on public transport including timetables and routes.

Park Hire

The Rose Garden, Wallis Reserve is available for hire for weddings.

Please click here to download the application form.

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