Underwood Road, Homebush.


  • Sportsgrounds (Cricket summer season, Rugby winter)
  • Night lights for training
  • Public toilet facilities
  • Children’s Playground

A map of Mason Park's facilities can be downloaded.

About Mason Park

Mason Park is one of Strathfield’s four significant parks. Mason Park is a popular park providing a wide range of sporting and recreational facilities and opportunities.  Facilities include touch football, cricket and amenities.  Mason Park is also a corridor of open space providing for pedestrian and cycle movement linking suburbs, shops, parks, schools and workplaces with peoples' homes. It may contain playgrounds in suitable locations.

Park Hire

The following sports facilities are available for seasonal and casual hire:

  • Winter Season: 3 Soccer Fields (lights available), 6/7 Touch Football Oz Tag Fields (lights available)
  • Summer Season: 2 Cricket Wickets (synthetic), 6/7 Touch Football Oz Tag Fields (lights available)

More information and applications forms for sportsground hire.


Mason Park is a former tidal mangrove swamp and garbage tip. The park was named for Albert Mason, a former Mayor of Homebush Council, which amalgamated with Strathfield Council in 1947.  Mason was also chief electrician of Arnott’s Biscuits Factory in George St, Homebush.  He developed a unique approach in turning the swamp into useable land.  Arnott’s Biscuits were originally sold in tins and empty tins from the shops were returned to the tin recycling department at the Homebush factory.  Tins that could not be recycled were either crushed and buried in the company’s bowling green and car park in George St and others were combined with ash from the biscuit factory’s engine room and used to fill Mason Park. (Reference: Jones, C. Parks, Reserves & Memorials, 2004)

Transport and Accessibility

Bay to Bay Cyclepath/Walking

Bus and Train – Trip Planner provides information on public transport including timetables and routes. 

Parking is available in the Mason Park public carpark.  Use of the carpark is limited to park users only and is frequently patrolled by Council rangers.