Cooke Park Playground Upgrade

The Strathfield 2025 Community Strategic Plan outlines a commitment of ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ which will have high quality sustainable innovative playground development.

As part of this undertaking we routinely review playgrounds to identify current and future demand for upgrade or new playgrounds for the local community. This review the playground at Cooke Park Belfield were identified as needing an upgrade.

Current activities and objectives for playgrounds include:

•   To make Councils playgrounds more exciting and innovative

•   To cater for a wider age group

•   To implement inclusive/all ability playgrounds

•   To provide activities for teenagers and youth

•   Provide a wider range of activities and experiences

•   To continue to improve safety and lower risk

Strathfield's playgrounds provide both physical and intellectual activities encouraging children to learn and grow, developing their minds and bodies in a safe and fun environment.

The playground will see new equipment including a tower, swing-a-way, beach buggy and shade structure shown in the attachment. There will also be an upgrade to the area with soft rubber replacing the bark flooring.

A copy of the design plan is located here. Planning is underway for construction of the playground, and is expected to commence by end of April 2017.


Madeline and Chisholm Street Belfield.


  • Sportsgrounds (cricket summer season, rugby winter)
  • Skateboard facility (free entry)
  • Children's Playground (2)
  • Change rooms and kitchen
  • Public toilet facilities
  • Training lights

A map of Cooke Park's facilities can be downloaded (PDF form)

About Cooke Park

Cooke Park is one of Strathfield's largest and most popular parks.  Cooke Park provides a wide range of sporting and recreational facilities and opportunities for both summer and winter sports.

Cooke Park also contains Strathfield's skateboard park.  The park was recently built by Convic and has a small open bowl with hips, pyramid with block and flat bank with a small tranny in the middle which leads up to a block.

Skate Park

The Cooke Park Skate Park features a small open bowl with a flat bank, hips and pyramid with block with elements suitable for BMXs, scooters and rollerblades. The concrete park offers a variety of elements to challenge different skill levels, yet its simple design is suitable for beginners.

These sports involve inherent risks of serious injury and use of the Cooke Park skate park is hazardous. Users should take normal safety precautions within the park including wearing a helmet and ankle, knee, wrist and elbow padding and ensuring that friends or responsible adults are present to assist if help is required.
For more information on skate parks please click here.

Hire of sportsgrounds

The following sportsgounds are available for seasonal or casual hire:

  • Winter Season - 1 Soccer Field (90m x 45m) (lights available)
  • Summer Season - I Cricket Wicket (synethetic)

More information and applications forms for sportsground hire.

For information on hiring Cooke Park, contact Council’s Bookings Officer on 9748 9645 for more information.


Cooke Park is named after Thomas Cooke, former Mayor of Enfield Council.  The west ward of Enfield Council was amalgamated with Strathfield Council in 1949. Reference: Jones, C, Parks, Reserves & Memorials of Strathfield (2002).

Transport and Accessibility

Bay to Bay Cyclepath/Walking

Bus and Train – Trip Planner provides information on public transport including timetables and routes.

Parking is available on Madeline and Chisholm Street Belfield.

Click here for a street map of Cooke Park